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‘This Is Us’ fans react to latest revelation about Jack’s death on season premiere

This Is Us went straight for the feels in its season two premiere as we witnessed Randall and Beth struggling over Randall’s new obsession to adopt a child. With their marriage challenged, Beth got in some real zingers at the adoption agency saying to the adoption agent, “Hey, Mary, let me ask you. You have any kids laying around that were left at a fire station? ‘Cause that might really scratch my husband’s itch.”

However, it was Jack’s story that packed the biggest punch as we learned that his struggle with alcohol was maybe even worse than we thought, revealing to Rebecca that he’d been drunk for weeks and that he had thought he’d gotten it under control but really, he knew had a problem.

And in the final moments, we were given some major clues as to how Jack might have died and fans immediately tried to figure out what it all meant. One minute Rebecca is driving Jack to rehab and then he’s gone and there’s a bag with Jack’s things on the car seat. Meanwhile, the kids are crying at Miguel’s house and Kate’s holding a dog. And then Rebecca is weeping in her car in an apparently burned down Pearson home. One Twitter fan speculated, “Maybe Jack dies in a fire saving Kate’s dog? She did say it was her fault.”

Or some thought that this was some kind of bait and switch, with another fan saying, “Maybe he didn’t die in the fire. Maybe the house burned down when she was dropping him off at rehab and she’s just sad about that.”

One thing is clear, This Is Us is off to an emotional start and we’ll just have to wait till next week for more.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC

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