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US futures rise with Greek deal in the works

A man receives money from an ATM machine next a poster in central Athens that reads: "Yes to Work. No to the Euro" on Monday, Nov. 12, 2012. Greece's parliament late Sunday approved the 2013 austerity budget as part of major cuts demanded by international rescue lenders to continue paying loan installments to the near-bankrupt eurozone nation. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

NEW YORK (AP) -- Stock futures are rising as international lenders clear the path for a new bailout agreement in Greece, which only recently appeared to be on the verge of bolting from the European Union monetary block.

Dow Jones industrial futures are up 36 points to 12,800. The broader S&P futures have added 5.1 points to 1,380.80. Nasdaq futures are up 13.25 points to 2,593.75.

Greek lawmakers approved the country's 2013 austerity budget overnight, and the head of the finance ministers from the 17 euro countries then said that lenders have prepared a "positive" report on the country.

Also on Monday, the Leucadia National said that is it buying the investment banking firm Jefferies Group, and that Jefferies CEO Richard Handler will become CEO of Leucadia when the deal closes.