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US household incomes grew in 2017, yet inequality worsens

Christopher Rugaber, AP Economics Writer
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    "The number of people with jobs rose by 1.7 million in 2017, the Census report said. And the number of workers with full-time permanent jobs increased by 2.4 million.

    "We're continuing to see that shift from part-time, part-year work to year-round, full-time work," Trudi Renwick, an assistant division chief at the Census Bureau, said."
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    "Yet households are still earning essentially the same that they did in 2007 just before the Great Recession, Census said. Their inflation-adjusted median income remains below the record for a typical household — $62,000 reached in 1999."

    My income has not improved in any way.
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    Economists warned that a $15 minimum wage would hurt the poorest households. The least qualified would face reduced hours or lost jobs while middle income spouses, essentially second incomes for families, would benefit the most. This data is just confirming what we all knew but some denied.
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    I live in Elkhart, Indiana where we were ground zero of the economic disaster in 2008 - 20% unemployment. Now we can't find enough people to fill our jobs. I'd say are economy is doing great!
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    Even if this headline were true, it would mean that people who are willing to work can still realize the American Dream. Those who live in poverty and don't work will remain in that position until poverty becomes too uncomfortable for even them. That's when they'll demand more entitlements.
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    Anybody know what median means. 50% below this and 50 % above this number. Apparently I am in the 50% below this number with retirement and working a job.
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    The Democrat Party is in real danger. Not only are household incomes going up and more people finding jobs, but it is also reported that the number of people in poverty is dropping. The less people dependent on government handouts the less natural constituency the Democrats have.
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    At least we're headed in the right direction. Still deeply concerned about the national debt, though.
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    David M
    Funny how Obama touted his economy while his same government said the economy wasn't strong, hence zero interest rates his entire presidency. Then Trump comes with a real economy and the fed says, yup, real economy, let's start raising rates back to normal. Thanks Don.
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    Braxton Hix
    but...but...but Obama deserves some credit. After all he is the person that put in place the things Trump is now cancelling to improve the economy!