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US states with biggest job losses and gains

The Associated Press

Forty-three states still have fewer jobs than they did before the Great Recession began, according to U.S.Labor Department data. The figure is a reminder of how weak the nation's job market remains. Nevada, Arizona and Florida —hard-hit by the housing bust — are furthest behind. North Dakota, Alaska, and Texas, which have benefited from an oil boom, have gained the highest percentage of jobs.

Here are the five states with the biggest losses in June 2012, compared to December 2007, and the five states with the biggest gains:

States with biggest losses
Nevada -12.4%
Arizona -8.2%
Florida -7.8%
Alabama -7.3%
Mississippi -6.5%
States with the biggest gains
North Dakota 15.7%
Alaska 3.8%
Texas 2.4%
South Dakota 0.8%
Louisiana 0.6%