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US STEM CELL (Bioheart) to Invest In and Collaborate With ClearIt on ERASER(TM) System

SUNRISE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2015 / US STEM CELL, Inc. (in transition from the name Bioheart, Inc. (BHRT) announces today that the Company has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to invest in and collaborate with ClearIt, LLC in the development and commercialization of cell therapies for dermatological applications, including the ERASER(TM) System for tattoo removal. The ERASER(TM) system, if cleared by the US FDA (anticipated but not guaranteed for early 2017), will be, we believe, the first effective, painless, single treatment tattoo removal system that approaches 100% particle removal from the dermis while safely avoiding the side-effects of laser tattoo removal including scaring, skin color bleaching, shadow tattoos or absorption by the body of harmful minerals or chemical elements.

"The ERASER(TM) System is a new and unique approach to tattoo removal. It has been described as 'un-tattooing'," stated Dr James Winkelman, co-founder of ClearIt, LLC. "The fundamental principles behind the ERASER(TM) System are dislodgment of the tattoo ink particles from their biological anchors, mobilization, and for the first time, extraction of the ink particles. The projected result is, in our estimation, a tattoo that is rendered visibly imperceptible and removal that can be performed in a single treatment session at a low cost. We believe that it also avoids the possible late adverse effects from having tattoo ink particles gain access to the body's lymphatic system and beyond. A unique instrument design simultaneously mobilizes and extracts the dislodged pigments from the skin. The practicing physician essentially erases the tattoo from the skin."

"We believe the US STEM CELL / ClearIt collaboration creates a potential future combination of regenerative, cellular therapy applications with the ERASER(TM) System which could both enhance the tattoo removal process and although there are no studies to verify or authenticate the additional benefits also treat of a variety of skin diseases including but not limited to acne, acne scars, psoriasis and certain skin cancers," stated Mike Tomas, President and CEO of US STEM CELL, Inc. "Our strategy is to find practical, large market opportunities in the regenerative medicine and cellular therapeutics market. The ERASER(TM) System is a platform technology that will provide us with near-term revenue growth from the aesthetics market as well as a tool to combine with our cellular therapeutic applications in the dermatology treatment market. We look forward to announcing the closing of this deal in the very near future.”

About U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.

US Stemcell, Inc. (formerly Bioheart, Inc.) is an emerging enterprise in the regenerative medicine / cellular therapy industry. We are focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of cell based therapeutics that prevent, treat or cure disease by repairing and replacing damaged or aged tissue, cells and organs and restoring their normal function. We believe that regenerative medicine / cellular therapeutics will play a large role in positively changing the natural history of diseases ultimately, we contend, lessening patient burdens as well as reducing the associated economic impact disease imposes upon modern society.

Our business, which includes three operating divisions (US Stem Cell Training, Vetbiologics and US Stem Cell Clinic) includes the development of proprietary cell therapy products as well as revenue generating physician and patient based regenerative medicine / cell therapy training services, cell collection and cell storage services, the sale of cell collection and treatment kits for humans and animals, and the operation of a cell therapy clinic. Management maintains that revenues and their associated cash in-flows generated from our businesses will, over time, provide funds to support our clinical development activities as they do today for our general business operations. We believe the combination of our own therapeutics pipeline combined with our revenue generating capabilities provides the Company with a unique opportunity for growth and a pathway to profitability.

About Clearit, LLC.

ClearIt, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, is a development stage company advancing novel platform technology in the care and treatment of human skin. The Company's patent pending Eraser System will in a single treatment, when cleared by the U.S. FDA, completely, safely, and at an affordable cost remove tattoos from human skin. The Company anticipates launching the ERASER System in early 2017.

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