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USA Gymnastics Might Be Under Scrutiny, But Plum Practicewear Empowers Positivity Through Its Spring Line

UNION, N.J., Feb. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Coming off a team gold medal at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics last August immediately increased registrations for recreational classes in local gyms - and the gymnastics community was on a high. But, the territory is different now as industry-wide child abuse cases across the United States are being revealed. Plum Practicewear, the leading online retailer of affordable, limited edition practicewear, is committed to the comfort and ingenuity of every gymnast and is embracing the opportunity to create change by launching its new spring line around an engagement campaign called, "Empower Positivity."

Plum Practicewear has launched a positivity campaign empowering its customers to purchase a Plum, video their story, post it to Facebook or Instagram, and tag it with #PlumPositivity.

"Plum does not condone the actions of the individuals that have behaved without character within the industry, but we do promote our customers to be empowered," stated Plum Practicewear Partner and Director of Marketing Debra Rizzi. "We empower our customers to share stories, set goals, stand up for what they believe in, and speak up when they see wrongdoing. Gymnastics delivers so many positive features including respect, discipline, physical and mental strength, dedication, and teamwork. Plum's focus is to instill confidence, share the success stories, and inspire the next generation of gymnasts."

Plum Practicewear's culture is unique. It's not just about the sale; it's about embracing each customer, developing personal connections, and supporting them throughout their journey. Plum's brand dilutes any barriers and is a common voice for all gymnasts. Rizzi adds, "It doesn't matter what level, team, or organization a gymnast competes for - they are all part of an international family that has a love for gymnastics. Each customer is an ambassador and their stories are shared on Plum's social media daily. This is an opportunity for our customers to lead by example, achieve their personal best inside and outside of the gym, and show the positive side of the sport."

The campaign empowered Plum to make some changes in it's own marketing. "This was the first time that all of our models were together on one day for a photo shoot. One large group shot was taken to showcase the togetherness, camaraderie, and support that these gymnasts share. It's a message to be shared and embraced by gymnasts, coaches and parents alike," said Rizzi.

Plum Practicewear has enlisted amateur Level 10 and Elite gymnasts that compete nationally from the surrounding areas to support marketing, which include: Olivia Dunne of ENA Paramus (New Jersey), Jazmyn Foberg, 2014 Junior National All-Around Champion of MG Elite (New Jersey), Morgan Hurd of First State Gymnastics (Delaware), Emily Liszewski of North Stars Gymnastics (New Jersey), Cameron Machado of First State Gymnastics (Delaware), and Riley McCusker of MG Elite (New Jersey).

Plum's spring line is infused with limited edition patterns and is 100 percent produced in the United States. There are nine new styles, all priced below $32.99. Due to customer demand, adult XL is now offered within this new line.

To learn more, visit PlumPracticewear.com.

About Plum Practicewear
Founded in 2011 in New Jersey, Plum Practicewear is an innovator and manufacturer of colorful, comfortable, and affordable practicewear that delivers confidence and durability to athletes within every level of training. Plum's affordable garments are produced on the East Coast in the United States. Their commitment to their customers is appreciation, availability and ready-to-ship signature collections.

Web: PlumPracticewear.com

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Debra Rizzi
Plum Practicewear


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