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USA Technologies sends letter to shareholders, comments on Bradley Tirpak

USA Technologies sent a letter to shareholders providing additional insight on dissident shareholder Bradley Tirpak, as well as the destruction of shareholder value at Direct Insite Corp., after a group of shareholders, including Tirpak, took control of the board. USA says "In the midst of this turnaround, Bradley Tirpak and his associate, Craig Westley Thomas, operating under the self-laudatory moniker “S.A.V.E.”, are attempting to wrest control of the USAT board of directors at our upcoming annual shareholders’ meeting. USAT strongly believes that the election of Tirpak and his director nominees would result in lost business momentum, damaged customer and partner relationships and destruction of shareholder value. Our view is based on a multitude of facts, not the least of which is the destruction of shareholder value at Direct Insite Corp. following the takeover by Tirpak and his group. In addition, a quick review of the Tirpak track record and of Tirpak and his nominees during the last twelve months reveals what we view as highly unethical behavior."