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Use this mind-altering roadmap to keep you and your family out of the burn-out trap

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If you feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything you need to, you’re not alone. Squeezing every daily task, project and commitment into 24 hours can feel like a monumental challenge, especially for those with myriad responsibilities.

But the common feeling of “not enough hours in the day” is a mental trap, and one that can rob us of our joy, satisfaction, and contentment if we’re not careful. It’s not the result of inadequacy, but of equating tasks with productivity or trying to do too much.

We spoke with experts on time management, productivity, and wellness to devise a simple roadmap for shaking the feeling that you’re not doing enough. Watch the video above for three simple, concrete steps you can take today to reframe your accomplishments in a more accurate light.

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