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User1st Launches uTester Developer Plugin for Google Chrome that Identifies Inaccessible Web Content for People with Disabilities

A free automated testing tool, uTester Developer Plugin for Google Chrome detects accessibility errors of static and dynamic content in the earliest stages of web development.

WASHINGTON, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- User1st, the provider of the most advanced web and mobile accessibility solutions on the market for testing, remediation, monitoring and compliance, today announced the launch of uTester Developer Plugin for Google Chrome, a free automated testing tool for identifying web content that does not comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. Designed for developers and website administrators, uTester Developer Plugin flags both static and dynamic website content and web applications that are inaccessible to people with disabilities.

"uTester Developer Plugin is an easy-to-use tool for developers and site administrators and their QA, DevOps and product teams that seamlessly integrates their work with testing for web accessibility, without needing to become an expert," said Matt Triner, chief product officer at User1st. "By seamlessly integrating within Google Chrome, this new, free tool helps ensure that developers – while they are writing code – are incorporating web accessibility testing into the earliest stages of the development process."

uTester Developer Plugin automatically scans webpages and web apps. With each web accessibility issue identified, it provides an explanation of the accessibility guideline that is being violated, information about the severity of the issue, and links to guidelines for fixing the issue. It also includes a capability to extract and connect the results of its automated scans to internal systems.

"Web accessibility is akin to cyber security – it needs to be thought of as a continuous process, because websites are always changing as new pages and content are developed, and site function or navigation changes," said Triner. "Web accessibility means continuous upkeep, and it's why it needs to be an integral part of each and every web development cycle to ensure that all the moving parts of a website are manageable for both companies and people with disabilities."

One out of every five Americans has a disability, which makes the community of people with disabilities the largest U.S. minority and a huge market segment with substantial spending power. Web accessibility is not just an ethical and legal matter – it's a major business opportunity – and websites that are accessible to people with disabilities have been proven to increase both revenue and brand loyalty. Best practices in web accessibility also overlap with other best practices such as mobile web design and search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, websites with accessible content have better search results, reduced maintenance costs and increased audience reach.

uTester Developer Plugin connects to User1st's subscription-based uTester tool for advanced accessibility testing, including regression and rules-based tests. uTester has more validators than any other testing tool on the market. It captures a more accurate user experience – and detects more accessibility errors – by comprehensively analyzing how users actually navigate a website, not just by scanning code. uTester's unique capabilities include: testing from the vantage point of navigating a website by using a web browser; prioritizing testing by customer flows, such as an e-commerce checkout process; and scanning behind logins for assessing internal uses of a website, such as a human resources application. While the plugin scans one page at a time, uTester has the capability to scan entire assets at scale. Annual subscriptions of uTester are available on a per-user basis.

uTester is part of User1st's uSuite Web Accessibility Platform that is the most advanced web and mobile accessibility solution on the market for website testing, remediation, monitoring and compliance. uSuite's testing and monitoring tools automate and track the accessibility of a website in real time through a centralized dashboard to streamline remediation efforts and demonstrate compliance on a continuous basis.

To download the uTester Developer Plugin at the Google Chrome Web Store, go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user1st-utester-chrome-ex/njnkgcndilaglaeeifhpdempclgajhdh. To use the tool, users are required to create a free User1st account.

About User1st
User1st provides the most advanced web and mobile accessibility solutions on the market for testing, remediation, monitoring and compliance. With its flagship product, uSuite Web Accessibility Platform, User1st is the only company that offers both customized quick fixes and tailored long-term solutions for meeting the international specifications of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA. Its uRemediate tool offers the fastest way for correcting accessibility issues without impacting web design or coding. User1st's solutions demonstrate continuous compliance and increase revenue and brand loyalty by serving people with disabilities. Trusted by organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, User1st's solutions are deployed in a variety of industries worldwide, including financial services, retail, government and healthcare. For more information, visit http://www.user1st.com/ and follow on Twitter @User1st.