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Utility Companies on Growth Path

The ShinesRooms.com Provides Stock Research onAqua America Inc. and American Water Works Company Inc.

New York City, New York -- Water utilities companies enjoy relatively inelastic demand and their stocks are prone to be affected by internal factors. Well-managed utility companies provide good returns to its stockholders. Aqua America Inc. (WTR) provides good capital growth along with solid dividend yield to its investors. Similarly, American Water Works Co. Inc. (AWK) has also offered solid guidance for its upcoming quarterly results announcements. The declarations are expected to be a positive catalyst for the respective stocks.

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American Water Works Company is on an expansion path. The company announced expanding its Water Line and Sewer Line Protection Programs in additional states like North Dakota, Montana and Alabama. American Water Works is operational in 34 states in the country. The company is scheduled to report its fourth quarter and full year financial numbers on February 26th. It expects to report its annual net income in the range of $2.15 and $2.25 per share. The guidance is in-line with consensus estimates, which pegged net income at $2.21 per share. American Water Works claimed that its fourth quarter numbers were adversely impacted by Hurricane Sandy.American Water Works Co.free research is available today at


The company’s stock is up 17 percent in the past 12 months. Apart from solid capital appreciation, the stock also offers good dividend yield at 2.53 percent. The company has been raising its annual dividend from last 4 years. The stock offers good investment opportunity for income investors. The company will be appointing a new CFO later this year after its current incumbent Ellen Wolf steps down.

In the future seems good for the stock as the company continues to expand. It recently finalized the acquisition of Garrapata Water System. The acquisition will add 50 new service connections to its portfolio. The stock is also expected to respond positively to its quarterly income announcement later this month.

Elsewhere, Aqua America offers 2.44 percent dividend yield. The company recently announced its quarterly dividend $0.175 per share, payable on March 1st. The stock also grew 30 percent in the past 52 weeks. Good dividend yield coupled with robust capital growth makes this stock an attractive option. The company has a track record of over 65 years when it comes to paying quarterly dividends, making its dividend payments safer. Our free research report onAqua America Inc.can be downloaded upon registration at


Aqua America is set to report its quarterly earnings on February 25th. The results are expected to be positive. The company is also consolidating its business. It recently inked a new deal with a state agency to dispose its Florida unit. The deal is expected to be worth $49.2 million and involves water systems in 12 Florida counties. Aqua America will benefit from the deal as it will not be required to carry out non-viable operations.

Aqua America is the leading company in its segment. It is also growing through acquisition as it finalized the purchase of Water and Wastewater Systems. Last year, the company carried out 18 acquisitions. The deals were accretive and the impact was clearly visible on its stock price.

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