UVDI to Showcase New UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer at AORN Expo 2023

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Faster, Even Easier to Use --- and 99.99% Inactivation of Candida auris and C.difficile Spores

SAN ANTONIO, March 31, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--This week at the Association for Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Global Surgical Conference and Expo 2023, UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) will showcase the new UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer --- now equipped with UV Smart Connectcloud communications technology --- at Booth 517. The new UV Smart Connect™ technology accelerates the efficiency of proven UV room disinfection in fast-paced Healthcare settings, such as Operating Rooms, by simplifying device use. The new UVDI-360 features the same patented UV-C technology independently proven to inactivate 99.99% of 35 microorganisms in 5 minutes at 8 feet distance.

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The UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer can disinfect the surfaces in an average-sized Operating Room in only 15 minutes. (Photo: Business Wire)

Streamlined Room Disinfection Workflow

New UV Smart Connectsmart communications technology simplifies UV room disinfection workflow by automating device data transfer, reporting and device health notifications to UVDI’s cloud-based operator portal. Automating data reporting required in Healthcare facilities eliminates time-consuming labor for busy Healthcare professionals.

Rapid, Effective Operating Room Disinfection

The new UVDI-360 is independently proven in peer-reviewed, published hospital studies to disinfect Operating Rooms between surgeries, during outbreaks and for end-of-day terminal cleaning.1,2 The UVDI-360’s recommended room treatment time for sporicidal disinfection of an average-sized Operating Room is only 15 minutes, with proprietary UV-C dose confirmation technology, UV Dose Verify™, to set custom usage protocols as needed.

Independently Proven Performance at Real-World Times and Distances

As Candida auris and Multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) surge, the new UVDI-360 features independently proven 99.99% inactivation of 35 microorganisms in 5 minutes at 8 feet distance – and SARS-CoV-2 at 12 feet distance. The UVDI-360 is also independently proven to inactivate 99% of Candida auris, which can withstand many chemical disinfectants3, in 10 minutes at 8 feet and 99.99% inactivation in 20 minutes at 8 feet distance.

"UVDI is committed to helping all Healthcare professionals as they confront surging MDRO threats amidst unprecedented staffing challenges," stated Peter Veloz, CEO, UVDI. "When it comes to advanced UV room disinfection, Healthcare facilities should not have to accept tradeoffs between independently proven efficacy, rapid room turnover and ease of use. The new UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer with UV Smart Connect™ ensures they do not have to."

To view and demo the new UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer equipped with UV Smart Connect™ technology, attendees at this year’s AORN Expo can visit the UVDI booth (#517) in the Expo Hall.

About UVDI:

Founded in 1992, UVDI designs and manufactures advanced UV-C air and surface disinfection products in Valencia, California, applying dedicated Research and Development excellence and 74 years of Family Ultraviolet technology expertise. The UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer is globally trusted by over 1,100 leading hospitals in 28 countries, where it has been independently proven effective in 18 published hospital and lab studies. UVDI’s proven UV-C Indoor Air Quality solutions are installed in over 10,000 Commercial facilities worldwide. UVDI is proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

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