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UZ Announces Phase 2 Of Its Soho Flagship

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 6th, UZ 19 HOWARD flagship will reveal its second phase and evolution of its New York City retail location. First revealed to the public on June 25th, the space will continually evolve with fresh interior elements, original initiatives, and exclusive product launches.

UZ 19 HOWARD Flagship Store Phase 2 Opening September 6th in NYC

This time, UZ will introduce 7 SHADES OF BLACK, a launch that includes seven highly inventive iterations of black liquid eyeliner partly created by gathering their customer's opinions & ideas for the 14th shade of EYE OPENING LINER.

UZ 19 Howard will keep its museum-style viewing room, which will be transformed into a curated space displaying 42 vastly diverse props that explore the multiplicity of the color black.


At first glance, 7 SHADES OF BLACK may look similar, but upon closer inspection, each universally flattering shade reveals a unique tone and finish. From matte to metallic, green, navy, and red undertones, all are a highly unexpected twist on the traditional notion of classic black.


UZ's Soho location is a landmarked building. It was important to the founders to honor the building's history. The exterior has all but remained true to its original form, and the interior is ultramodern. Old meets new, in a transparent, fluid and light-filled space that feels like nothing else in NYC.

19 Howard Street
New York, NY 10013


UZ is a Japanese-born beauty brand, formed eight years ago by two childhood friends who had no experience in the beauty industry, a fact which enabled them to see the industry through fresh eyes. By virtue of their situation, they listened to customers, rather than industry members, with an open mind. As outsiders to the beauty industry, the founders observed many frames set by the established beauty corporations and aspired to redevelop the systems in place instead of following them, thus determining the brand's philosophy: UNFRAME THE BEAUTY. UZ is pronounced: Oo-zoo".


7 SHADES OF BLACK will be available at www.UZ.team starting September 9th and at the phase 2 opening of UZ 19 Howard in NYC on September 6th for $16 each.

UZ 19 HOWARD, New York NY 10013 opens on September 6th 30th, 2019
HOURS: 11.30am - 8.30pm Mon-Fri / 11am - 8pm Sat / 11am - 7pm Sun

UZ 19 HOWARD Flagship Phase 2 Will Introduce New 7 SHADES OF BLACK Launch

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