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V5 Systems wins Platinum government security award for portable security product that improves public safety outdoors - its 13th award in less than 2 years

The "Govies" award, presented by Security Today magazine, honors outstanding government security products, in this case, a turnkey solution that improves quality of life in outdoor areas.

FREMONT, Calif., April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- V5 Systems continues its award-winning streak for the second time this week with the 2018 Government Security Award for Outdoor Perimeter Protection sponsored by Security Today magazine, the preeminent publication for the security industry. This Platinum award brings to 13 the number of industry honors the company has garnered in the past year and a half.

Leveraging the power of Industrial IoT, the winning V5 Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU) can significantly improve perimeter protection for government and military infrastructure, as well as the outdoor safety of cities, schools and public venues via software-driven and self-powered surveillance technology.

The 2018 “Govies” honor companies whose technology meaningfully impacts government security initiatives.

Reassessing Safety in the Age of Mass Shootings

Outdoor perimeter protection has been an important consideration for local governments, military bases and civilian communities for years but the rise of terrorism and mass shootings has increased the urgency of finding solutions. Outdoor areas are considered difficult to secure because of lack of easy access to power and communications infrastructure. Building out this infrastructure can take years and cost communities hundreds of thousands of dollars.  A portable surveillance device that can send verified mobile alerts to law enforcement in real-time affords local police a real chance to proactively safeguard hotspots, high profile targets and local areas alike.

Even in the absence of mass violence, urban communities are often high-traffic areas, crisscrossed by thoroughfares, bus routes and train tracks. This high concentration of people, businesses and getaway routes leaves these areas vulnerable to street crime. This street crime in turn depresses local economies, strains police resources and can create distressed communities.

The City of Hayward, California, was faced with these problems. Hayward's downtown was in the midst of a total makeover, yet the transformation effort was stymied by rampant crime. Situated near the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), vandalism, theft and drug dealing thrived in the city center, partially because of the ease and speed with which criminals could escape.

Hayward's city council and police department turned to the V5 Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU) to help the city achieve a safer cultural hub without the limitations of expensive fixed surveillance.

This V5 PSU deployed in Hayward enables officers to monitor outdoor areas and improve the quality of life for residents.

The V5 PSU is solar-powered with edge computing for onboard analytics, which allows for computations performed in mere seconds, not minutes. It's an Industrial IoT-based solution that features AI with multiple sensors for video surveillance, gunshot detection, license plate reading and more. Unlike traditional outdoor security units, it requires no costly trenching for connection to fixed power or delays due to permitting. The solution can be deployed in under 30 minutes per unit and rapidly moved as needed. With an IT-friendly setup and simple app-based UI, it transmits real-time alerts to any smart device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to improve the quality of life of its citizens, the Hayward PD deployed and redeployed V5 Systems' self-powered units in locations that had been impossible to protect without trenching for power, which is costly and disruptive. Within three months, the PD saw a 60% decrease in urban crime, as well as a significant reduction in service calls. The V5 PSU gave the city the freedom to focus on its economic revitalization while serving as a force multiplier for the local police force. 

Nathaniel Roush talks about his experience with the V5 PSU in Hayward, California.

Nathaniel Roush, Information Technology Manager of Public Safety for Hayward, articulated his takeaways for the V5 PSU and why he would recommend this technology to others:

  • Flexibility because of the solution's portability and ease of deployment
  • Reliability of forensic evidence with HD Video Quality 
  • Accessibility via smart phone and desktop UI that was easy to use

Watch a video of Roush elaborate in his own words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdNRUJmt9-w

Winning Technology Validated

"The Govies is an amazing product recognition program whereby companies in the security industry can highlight their technology and solutions that work flawlessly within the government vertical," said Ralph C. Jensen, editor-in-chief of GovSec and Security Today magazines and securitytoday.com.

He continued, "The high number of entries we receive each year corresponds with the need to provide better security options not only at the federal level but also at the state and municipal level of government. I believe these products and solutions only prove that the government relies heavily on the technology advances in the private sector."

V5 Systems will be co-exhibiting at the SSI event with security partners Arrow Electronics, Panasonic and Pelco by Schneider Electric, showcasing the latest self-powered edge computing technology.

V5 Systems' co-exhibitors are critical to the move toward a non-commoditized security space. This collaboration allows security to be expanded to outdoor areas rapidly, without the need to trench for power and communications. 

Find V5 Systems and Co-Exhibitors at:
V5 Systems Booth #30097
Seneca - Arrow Booth # 7033
Pelco Booth #20031
Panasonic Booth #10037

Read the complete Hayward case study here: City's Vision of A Safe Downtown 

You can find out more about V5 Systems here: www.v5systems.us

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