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Make your vacation memorable, not miserable

If you're planning a final summer getaway, take note of these travel gotchas so your trip is memorable, not miserable.

Car-rental hassles

To avoid getting sucked in by aggressive sales pitches for extras and stuck with stealth surcharges read "Buck the Trend of Car-Rental Surprises." And find out whether you should get car-rental insurance—the answer isn't always a simple yes or no.

Sneaky hotel fees

Hotels also seem to have a thing for surcharges. Watch out for these common extras you could encounter at hotels. Check our hotel guide for more information. And before you make a reservation, be sure you're not booking a hacker-friendly hotel.

Cruise-ship alerts

Be aware of the quality and availability of medical care on board any cruise you take. And know your rights as a passenger if you do get sick.

For more smart tips, check our travel and vacation guide and luggage buying guide.

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