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Valet Storage Accepted into Newchip Accelerator to Improve the Self-Storage Industry

AUSTIN, Texas, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Valet Storage – an On-Demand Storage Service announced today their acceptance into the Newchip Accelerator. Valet Storage simplifies the way storage industry operates by allowing customers to have their items picked up from the comfort of their homes, stored at secured warehouses, and delivered back on-demand.

"Self-storage is not a popular topic in itself and often times it is not a pleasant experience," says Tomas Louda, Valet Storage's founder and CEO. "The self-storage industry has not really changed in decades and it did not need to either. However, with the on-demand industries gaining in popularity we believe we stand in front of a great opportunity to make people's lives much less stressful with much better experience than traditional self-storage operators. The feedback so far has been absolutely amazing."

Newchip, one of the top investment platforms in the world, has a track record of helping companies get funded with over $20M+ in investments into its companies in 2018 alone.

"We are very excited to have Valet Storage join the Newchip family," remarked Ryan Rafols, Founder & CEO of Newchip. "The team impressed us from the start—we are eager to see how they take Valet Storage to the next level. They have a unique perspective on their market and what they've built so far shows great promise."

Launched in mid of 2018 by Tomas Louda, Valet Storage simplifies the self-storage experience, helping customers save time and making a better storage decision by providing a seamless online solution. Valet Storage is solving problems they've experienced personally; overpriced, disorganized storage units and cluttered homes.

"We are ready to grow fast and partnering with Newchip is exactly what we need," says Tomas Louda.

Visit https://valetstorage.com to learn more.

Take a look at the other companies accepted into the Newchip accelerator at https://www.newchip.com.

About Valet Storage:

Founded in 2018, Valet Storage is Austin, Texas based on-demand storage service. It focuses on brining the self-storage industry from brick and mortar store fronts into our online devices thus making it easier for the customers to store, pick up and request the items they wish to have stored. A true virtual closet for everyone's home.


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