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Vanessa Hudgens goes platinum blonde (temporarily) to channel Taylor Swift

Jennifer Kline

Look what you made her do -- go blonde!

Vanessa Hudgens debuted an unexpected new style on Monday in a platinum blonde wig and cherry lipstick, and it's pretty clear who her inspiration was: The star is obsessed with Taylor Swift's new single, as evidenced by a video that says it all.

"DEATH TO THE OLD TAYLOR," she captioned the Instagram clip of her saucy take on Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do." (As she goes into selfie performance mode, her hairstylist unsuccessfully tries to keep the wig under control and eventually gives up.)

Of course, while Swift's hair has undergone countless transformations over the years, from long curls to blunt bangs, she's never gone this blonde. The nearly-white hue is more reminiscent of Daenerys Targaryen. But that "red lip classic look" does scream none other than Taylor Swift.

Although she no doubt appreciates Swift's talent, Hudgens doesn't typically opt for Swift-inspired style. One of Hollywood's most predictably unpredictable style queens, she has a particular affinity for vintage-inspired looks: "I love the seventies," she told AOL Entertainment earlier this year while discussing fashion. And, as all of her Instagram followers know, there's one artist she channels more than any other.

"When you decide to do a full Cher look and feel like a queen," she wrote in May while debuting her Egyptian-princess BBMAs ensemble. She's captioned other photos "#chervibes."

Does this officially make Hudgens #TeamTaylor? Time will tell...