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Vanguard Trims 10 ETF Expense Ratios

Heather Bell

Vanguard announced today it would be shaving basis points off of the expense ratios of 10 of its top funds. The cuts range from 1 to 2 basis points, but that can be a hefty cut, as the most expensive fund in the group only charges 0.14%.

These ETFs include mostly international equity funds, but also a few bond funds.

The table below outlines the cost reduction for each fund:



“The growing size and scale of our funds have helped fuel operational efficiencies that lower our costs to serve clients, particularly ETF shareholders. As a result, the ETF share class of these ten funds is now lower than their Admiral share class counterparts,” Vanguard said in a press release.

The ETF industry has been the battleground for a vicious fee war, particularly when it comes to cap-weighted core asset classes, with expense ratios for some funds falling as low as 0.03%.

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