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Varazo Announces Release of Varazo Engage, Digital Marketing Management Platform

Marketers Playground is renamed & upgraded to Varazo Engage, Digital Marketing Management Platform.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Varazo announced today the worldwide release of Varazo Engage (www.varazo.com), software that streamlines task flow for digital marketing by providing all the tools you need to manage digital marketing teams & projects of multi-site business such as franchise and marketing agency.

Whether it's monitoring data trends, communicating with team members, or managing projects—marketers have to juggle through a variety of tasks in order to manage and optimize their campaigns smoothly. Varazo Engage was designed to eliminate the hassle of juggling through multiple platforms to utilize the tools you need for digital marketing by integrating all the tools you need into a single platform.  Marketers can access task management, marketing dashboards, file & document hosting, website management, and conversion management tools all in one place, at an affordable price.

Regarding the product, James Lee, CEO of Varazo, stated, "As a long-time digital marketer, I've observed that outsourced marketers and clients had difficulty communicating and collaborating on marketing tasks. I believe that this product will eliminate those challenges and improve the workflow for digital marketers."

Varazo Engage provides solutions for franchise business, marketing agencies, and corporations.

About Varazo Inc.

Varazo Inc. is a digital marketing service company that provides clients with cost-effective digital marketing solutions and strategies.  As the digital marketing industry evolves, Varazo continues to find ways to keep up with the changing needs of marketers, and dedicates itself to finding real solutions for digital marketers through a combination of custom-build software tools and sound marketing principles. Varazo is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, see www.varazo.com.

Media Contact:
James Lee
408.944.9080 ext. 112


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