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Varney: Trump impeachment inquiry will have consequences

Stuart Varney

Speaker Pelosi has launched the impeachment of President Trump. Regardless of the outcome, there will be consequences. And they're not good.

With just 13 months to a presidential election, impeachment already dominates Congress. Consequence No. 1: Congress gets nothing done, and that’s really bad news for America. The trade deal with Mexico and Canada, known as USMCA, would be of great value to our manufacturers and farmers. How do you get a vote on that when House Democrats detest all things Trump?

The same is true of legislation on prescription drug prices and infrastructure. Impeachment is a legislation killer.

The second consequence, or perhaps I should say casualty: Joe Biden. That now-famous Ukraine call sucked him right back into the scandal mill. As vice president, he was demanding the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son, Hunter Biden. The only reason hunter Biden was involved in business with Ukraine and China was the fact that his dad was vice president. He's what the Chinese call a "princeling." This does not help Joe Biden. It hurts him. And it hurts the Democrats because, without Joe, they're left with socialists, Warren and Sanders, to carry the Democrat flag in 2020.


But perhaps the worst consequence is what the impeachment drive will do to the country. We are already bitterly divided, and now we're being asked to remove a president, on the basis of a phone call. That is throwing gasoline onto an already raging political fire. Not good.

This impeachment drive is the result of unbridled hatred and contempt. It started the day Donald Trump was elected president and has not let up for a single day ever since. We've gone through Russia, Russia, Russia: that died. Then it was obstruction of justice: that's either stalled or dead. Now it’s "the phone call to Ukraine" that’s officially launched the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump.

Congress does nothing. Joe Biden sucked into yet more scandal. A country even more bitterly divided. Such are the consequences of hate and contempt.

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