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Why Are So Many Facebook Execs Quitting To Work With This Man?

Nicholas Carlson

Chamath Palihapitiya, once the longest-tenured executive at Facebook not named Mark Zuckerberg, is now out on his own, running a venture capital firm. It's called Social+Capital.

Palihapitya is staffing up startups in Social+Capital's portfolio, and lots of the people he's hiring are, like him, former Facebook employees.

Here's an abbreviated list of former Facebookers and the startups they've joined:

  • Joel Seligstein – MAD Apparel
  • Bob Trahan - Phacility
  • Evan Priestley - Phacility
  • Chad Little - Phacility
  • Eston Bond - Tiller
  • Sameer Moidu - Tiller

Two other Facebook veterans,  James Wang and  Kristina Holst, are currently entrepreneurs-in-residence at Social+Capital.

In this video, Palihapitiya  explains why all those people are quitting Facebook to join him.

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