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VCs LOVE To Come To The Rescue Of Victory

Sramana Mitra

Originally published by Sramana Mitra on LinkedIn: VCs LOVE To Come To The Rescue Of Victory

During this week’s roundtable, Ashik Ahmed, CEO, CTO and Co-founder at Deputy, discussed how he bootstrapped his venture from Australia to $10 Million in revenue and then raised $25 Million in financing from the US.

You can listen to the recording of this roundtable here:

Desi Hali

As for the pitches, Vibhu Khanna from New Delhi, India, pitched Desi Hali, a custom craft business that is doing $150k a year in revenue in its brick-n-mortar mode. Vibhu wants to inject e-commerce to the mix and scale the company. I think it is eminently doable.

Next On Planet

Next, Amit Varshney from Noida, India, pitched Next On Planet, a travel social network concept that has all kinds of interesting nuances for trip planning, travelogues, etc. What I like the most about this concept is that Amit has a web development services business that can keep the bills paid while he develops his product and generates traction. These kinds of businesses are not fundable on concept unless there is evidence of traction.


Then Marvin Cole from Johannesburg, South Africa, pitched Ovamba, a truly exciting FinTech venture that already has about 200 SME clients in Cameroon. We discussed how to scale the business.

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