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VEGOILS-Market factors to watch Oct 8

The following factors are likely to influence Malaysian palm oil futures and

other vegetable oil markets.


* Malaysian palm oil futures ended higher for the third straight day on Monday

but trade was thin, with most investors steering clear of risky bets as they

waited for an industry report on palm stocks and production in the world's

second-biggest producer.

* U.S. wheat futures rose on Monday as expectations of production declines in

Russia and Ukraine put a premium on high-protein supplies, traders said.

* Crude oil futures on both sides of the Atlantic pared losses on Monday after

a sharp drop in earlier trade, following a report that a key pipeline delivering

crude oil from Cushing, Oklahoma, had resumed shipping after an earlier



* The dollar skidded to near an eight-month low on Tuesday as the U.S.

government shutdown entered its second week, leaving investors on tenterhooks

with politicians in Washington making little headway in agreeing on a deal to

avoid a historic U.S. debt default.

* Commodity markets finished Monday with mixed results as worries brought on by

political wrangling over the U.S. debt drove investors to gold as a safe haven,

but kept pressure on oil prices for fear of the potential impact on economic



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> CME Group to allow talks before some grain options trades

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> USDA says no crop reports this week due to federal shutdown


> Industry regulator the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) will release data on

Malaysia's end-September stocks, exports and production on Oct. 10.

> Cargo surveyors Intertek Testing Services and Societe Generale de Surveillance

will release Malaysia's Oct. 1-10 palm oil export data on Oct. 10.

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RINGGIT/USD 3.185 -0.00 3.188 3.1855

CHINA PALM OLEIN JAN4 0 +0.00 0 0 0

CHINA SOYOIL JAN4 0 +0.00 0 0 0

CBOT SOYOIL DEC3 40.00 +0.10 39.91 40.00 246

NYMEX CRUDE NOV3 103.12 +0.09 103.06 103.21 720

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