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VEGOILS-Market factors to watch Sept 26

The following factors are likely to influence Malaysian palm oil futures and

other vegetable oil markets.


* Malaysian palm oil futures ended lower on Wednesday, reversing from gains made

in the morning session as investors turned cautious over rising palm output in

the world's No.2 producer.

* U.S. wheat futures rallied on Wednesday to their highest levels in more than

two months on hopes that U.S. supplies will gain traction in the competition to

fill overseas demand, traders said.

* Crude oil prices edged lower in choppy trading on Wednesday as comments from

the Iranian foreign minister revived hopes that talks over Tehran's nuclear

program could see progress, and as U.S. crude oil inventories posted a large



* The dollar fell and global equities markets continued to struggle on Wednesday

as concerns over a potential government shutdown in Washington kept investors

cautious, even as another vote looms on raising the U.S. debt ceiling.

* Oil prices fell on Wednesday but most other commodities closed up, after a

drop in the dollar over worries about a potential U.S. government shutdown

lifted futures of raw materials priced in the currency.


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> Lanworth raises forecasts on S. American plantings

> Malaysia's Sept 1-25 palm oil exports up 6.4 pct -SGS

> Malaysia's Sept 1-25 palm oil exports up 6.5 pct-ITS


> Cargo surveyors Intertek Testing Services and Societe Generale de Surveillance

will release Malaysia's September palm export data on Sept. 30.

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