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VeloBit Speeds Past 500 Installed Systems

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LINCOLN, MA--(Marketwire - Mar 27, 2013) - VeloBit, a provider of VDI optimization and caching software, today announced that its software has been installed on more than 500 systems around the globe. In the past four months alone, VeloBit has doubled the quantity of registered systems running its software largely due to more installations on Windows and Hyper-V. And in the year since the product was launched, software by VeloBit has been installed in servers in 53 countries on 6 continents.

Demand for VeloBit software may be a proxy for interest in caching technology on different operating systems. Users running the Windows Server platform make up 53% of the demand for VeloBit software. About 7% of the demand for VeloBit software comes from users running Hyper-V specifically. Users running VMware and Linux each make up 20% of the platform demand.

This milestone achievement for VeloBit follows on the heels of winning a medal in Storage Magazine and SearchStorage.com's Products of the Year competition.

"Reaching five hundred installs is a significant milestone for VeloBit," said Duncan McCallum, CEO of VeloBit. "We have our new Windows and Hyper-V users to thank. VeloBit customers are excited about our software's ability to slash the cost of desktop virtualization on Hyper-V. We look forward to reducing IT costs for our next five hundred customer environments."

About VeloBit

VeloBit provides high-performance storage I/O optimization software that dramatically cuts the cost of VDI, boosts server density and accelerates applications at a remarkably low cost. VeloBit uses RAM and an optional Solid State Disk (SSD) to create a transparent application acceleration layer that boosts performance and capacity by up to 20x. The software installs seamlessly in 60 seconds and automatically tunes for fastest application speed. VeloBit deploys and operates transparently to existing applications, storage, or data management.

For more information, please visit http://www.velobit.com/.

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