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Veltex Corporation Releases Financials and Tax Compilation for Fiscal Year 2012

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Sep 24, 2013) - Veltex Corporation -- OTC Markets symbol (OTC Pink: VLXC) -- Veltex Corporation ("Veltex") announced today that the corporation and Sassetti LLC, an outside independent accounting firm, have completed the income tax basis of accounting for the year ended December 31, 2012. Veltex has also released financials and balance sheet data for the fiscal year 2012 bringing the corporations accounting into full compliance.

Veltex ("The Company") ended 2012 with $100,094,013 in shareholder equity with 37,681,265 shares issued and outstanding of which 2,005,534 shares are held as treasury stock by the corporation. Total liabilities and accounts payable amounted to $52,394.00 primary consisting of management contracts and outstanding property leases. Veltex further recorded an accumulated net operating loss deficit of $1,050.968 from previous operations going back to fiscal 2003. Loss from operations in 2012 totaled $122,467.00 primarily related to legal and accounting expenses. Book value closed the year at $2.66 per common share.

The Company's legal settlement receivables relate to various lawsuits. On March 26, 2012, the United States District Court for the Central District of California entered a judgment in the amount of $100,078,621 in favor of Veltex in suit titled Veltex Corporation v. Javeed Azziz Matin, et. al., Case No. CV 10 1746 ABC (PJWs). This suit was brought against the former management of the Company and others. It arose from a scheme to fraudulently convey the shares of the Company to another entity for little or no consideration to Veltex. The proceeds from the sale of the shares were converted by the defendants to their own personal use. The judgment was classified as fraudulent conveyance and transfer of assets, or corporate theft, by the United States District Court.

The Federal judgment also included $2,005,072 in damages to reimburse the Company for legal expenses. This amount was not recorded. In 2013, the California legal counsel that supported the Company in the federal case accepted 500,000 (five hundred thousand) shares of the Company's restricted common stock as full payment for all services.

On November 7, 2011, the District Court of the Third Judicial District, Salt Lake County, Utah found in matter of Fletcher v. Javeed Matin, Case No. 080907145 that the interim receiver which it had appointed in July 2008 to protect the Company's assets until a new Board of Directors was elected had breached his fiduciary duties to the Company. A judgment in the amount of $57,167.00 was entered against the receiver on January 12, 2012, by the United States Federal Court in California.

All judgments are accruing interest at applicable State and Federal interest rates. The Company has not addressed the collectability of these receivables, because these financial statements are reported under the income tax basis of accounting. However, the Company has recently retained and contracted with a foremost California collection service, based in Los Angeles, to begin the process of collection. Other judgments in locations such as Clark County Nevada and those in Canada are currently being investigated by the corporation for collection purposes also. Some defendants have settled the litigation with the Company under strict confidentiality agreements.

The Company has net operating loss carry forwards of approximately $1,060,000 from previous operations, as of December 31, 2012. Annual utilization of the Company's net operating loss carry forwards or NOLs, may be limited due to changes in ownership control of the company's common stock under federal tax law, should such exist. Net operating losses for the company, will expire in 2013 through 2022. The Company has filed or amended all federal or state income tax forms for the years ending December 31, 2004 through 2012, for Federal and for the states of California and Illinois.

Jim Jacob, President and CEO of Veltex, continued in a statement, "Veltex management is pleased to announce that with the assistance and counsel of Dale & Gensburg, PC, our tax attorneys, we have begun the process of exploring ways to maximize the values and to capitalize on the judgments awarded the corporation in various forums across the country and also in Canada. As we have stated before, this is and has been a complex and time consuming legal and accounting process needed to insure the protection of these valuable deferred assets. Veltex is in full compliance with all accounting and tax filings to date. Sassetti LLC has now finished the massive accounting and tax work that has taken nearly a year to complete. Moreover, the corporation continues to work closely with federal law enforcement to recover assets stolen from us and restore them to the company. Management and the Board are working diligently to protect and maximize shareholder value as we now progress to the next phase in our corporate plans."

Veltex will update shareholders with developments as progress warrants on legal, tax and accounting matters. Veltex Corporation seeks to update new and potential shareholders on the immediate future of the company as developments warrant.

Veltex Corporation, incorporated in Utah September 17, 1987, is a public holding corporation, which maintains its corporate headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The company's common shares trade OTC Markets under the symbol VLXC.

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