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Venus Factor Review: Exclusive Weight Loss Program For Women With Amazing Results

July 17, 2014 / Venus Factor Program, developed by John Barban and Brad Pilon, has been getting plaudits from their customers. It is fast gaining popularity among the women all around the world and has been described as highly effective and satisfactory.

Venus factor, the diet and fitness program for the female body, have been getting rave reviews from its customers. According to sources, the Venus factor program has been described, as satisfying and the result has been breathtaking. It is said to be working for all kinds of women with varying body shapes. When contacted, John Barber, the developer of the Venus factor program, said, "It is a breakthrough program designed especially for women which is going to amaze women all over the world. The Venus factor Program will make fat burning easy for women, forever."

"Some sources have also termed the program as revolutionary and highly effective. Roberta Saum, a housewife from California, said," I just did it for three months as a test drive and the results blew me away, I completely changed my body and my whole life.

About Venus Factor Program

The Venus Factor Program has been developed by John Barban and Brad Pilon while doing research at the University of Florida. It helps in overcoming leptin resistance and is based on the fact that a woman's body generates two times more leptin than a male body. Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite, metabolism and weight.

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Venus Factor Reviews by Costumers

Venus factor is said to enhance a fat loss hormone called leptin, which results in increased metabolism and regulates appetite. It has been getting popular among women from all around the world. The women have been reported to lose significant weight and getting thin waistlines.

"I lost all my post pregnancy weight which was amazing. I can't say enough about the community and the women in it. I have never been part of an online community like this one-it is truly special"

Richard Roe

Brooke K

"I have spent the last 17 years since having kids trying to lose weight. With Venus Factor not only did I meet my goal but I surpassed it and weighed in at 131 lbs. for my 40th birthday. The best birthday present ever!"

Richard Roe

Kelly Hancock - New York

"I am so grateful to John who is an amazing guy by the way, he's the type of trainer that a trainer like me looks up to."

Richard Roe

Jannette Joly from Quebec

SOURCE: Venus Factor Program