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Verengo Solar Announces 5,000th Home Installation

TORRANCE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 17, 2012) -  Verengo Solar, one of the nation's leading residential home solar companies, today announced it has installed its 5,000th home solar system. Verengo is the first Southern California-based company to reach this milestone and has accomplished this growth in just four years. 

The 5.6KW system was installed this summer on the roof of Eileen Thorgusen's Thousand Oaks home. Thorgusen is a working mother who lives with her husband and two children. The Thorgusens used Verengo's "Zero Down" financing option to have their system installed at no upfront cost.

"We're very proud to have achieved this industry milestone so quickly," said Verengo CEO and Co-founder Randy Bishop. "It's enormously gratifying to be part of an industry which produces clean, affordable energy, and creates jobs in our communities. We hired 400 new employees last year, and we plan to hire at least that many this year."

Said Thorgusen, "The whole solar system installation was incredible from the day we were first contacted to later when we turned the system on and saw the meter run backward. Verengo took care of everything in terms of permitting, paperwork and installation.

"We have helped solar become a mainstream product available to virtually everyone. By building 'trust' with every customer interaction, we have enabled more than 5,000 families take control of their energy expense and save money," said Verengo President and Co-founder Ken Button.

VERENGO SOLAR is changing the way America thinks about solar! As the #1 residential solar integrator based in Southern California, Verengo offers comprehensive financial options and superior customer service, and consistently earns an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Verengo has reduced carbon emissions through its solar power systems, accomplishing the equivalent of planting 300,000 acres of trees, taking more than 120,000 cars off the road and saving homeowners $255 million in energy costs over the lifetime of Verengo's installed systems to date. For more information on Verengo Solar, please visit www.VerengoSolar.com.