Veriheal Releases Latest Medical Cannabis Report Detailing Generational Product Preferences

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National Survey Data Provide Insights for Improving the Industry to Better Meet Patients' Diverse Needs

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2023 / Veriheal today revealed findings from its annual Medical Cannabis Preference Report, a yearly analysis that explores the health goals and preferences of U.S. medical cannabis patients using segmented survey data. The 2022 report analyzed the relationship between generations and cannabis consumption methods to better understand varying health objectives across age groups.

Veriheal collaborated with members of NORML, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, and the University of California, Los Angeles to compile the report, which gathered information from 200,000 anonymized adult patients who signed up for an appointment with a medical cannabis doctor using Veriheal's platform in 2022. Upon registering with Veriheal, patients answered assorted questions regarding their medical needs and cannabis use.

Findings show that baby boomers and Generation X mostly prefer edibles (63%), followed closely by cannabis flower (61%). Contrarily, millennials and Generation Z demonstrated a strong preference for flower (79%) as well as more interest in concentrates than the older generations. Older patients primarily reported using cannabis for chronic pain (58%), while the most common condition reported by younger patients was trouble sleeping (64%).

"Veriheal is committed to helping the medical cannabis industry better serve all patients with the aid of data-driven intelligence," said Anthony Dutcher, Veriheal CMO.

The study also assessed whether state cannabis legalization status plays a role in patient product preferences. While no major differences were spotted between states with differing cannabis laws, additional research points to product availability and advertising practices as factors in patient preferences.

For a deep dive into the findings, view the full report here.

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