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Verizon earnings rise, Burger King's new burger, Facebook investigates Russia meddling, Amazon Studios cuts down on indie films

Verizon (VZ) tops our list. Yahoo Finance’s parent company says President Trump’s tax law will increase Q4 earnings despite taking a one-time charge of $16.8B. Analysts expected this would be the case for many telecom companies since they are mostly domestic businesses.

Burger King (QSR) is bringing fire to the fast food war. The burger chain is debuting its Double Quarter Pound King sandwich. In a press release, Burger King offered its “deepest condolences” to all the other quarter pound burgers, presumably taking a swing at McDonald’s.

Facebook (FB) is on our radar this morning. The social media giant says it’s expanding its Russia meddling probe during the Brexit vote. A UK committee on digital affairs says the latest investigation will look at “similar clusters engaged in coordinated activity around the Brexit referendum.” Facebook’s previous search came up short in finding any evidence of Russian influence on the vote.

Amazon (AMZN) studios is cutting back on indie films in order to focus on more commercial projects, according to Reuters. The move falls in line with the e-commerce giant’s goal to appeal to a wider audience and persuade more people to join its video streaming and prime services.