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Versus unveils VersusLM, a powerful AI constellation for interactive content creation

LOS ANGELES, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The VersusLM AI is integrating directly with VersusGame's flagship product, MiniGames, providing VersusGame customers and partners with a progressive model to generate contextually relevant content from any subject, topic, editorial and media format without any additional workload. The patent-pending technology is evolving the existing and popular VersusGame content creation platform into a performance-driven meta-content automation platform where the output is the same highly engaging content that VersusGame is known for.

Creation of AI game
Creation of AI game

The VersusLM AI constellation applies a generative AI to derive context and generate a layered output that includes the core elements of the VersusGame content format – A video or an animated sequence explaining the topic (a brief synopsis) with a corresponding future event state expressed with a question (the prediction game).

The holy grail in content creation is highly engaging and well monetizing content that generates high frequency, high recency retention at low cost. The unique and highly targeted auto generated VersusGame AI content format creates an extension of already existing content expanding the total engagement time in double digit percentage lift.

"This is a game-changer for companies looking to line up with and monetize their user's intent at scale," says John Vitti, CEO of Versus. "By creating a system with no human dependency, companies can increase engagement and revenue, while optimizing their ad revenue. We're excited to offer this technology to our partners, and we look forward to seeing the impact it will have on their businesses." The benefits of Versus' AI-powered content creation solution extend beyond revenue generation, it ultimately leads to increased brand loyalty and meaningful audience retention.

Before VersusLM, the network of influencers, celebrities and corporate brands generated hundreds of pieces of interactive content per day about trending topics, but with the addition of the new system, the relevance is absolute and its currently capable of generating into tens of thousands of unique games per day and technically able to scale towards limitless content generation.

The VersusLM AI generates the content from scratch, by scanning the host site of the partner and compiling a suitable set of interactive questions between the formats of prediction, opinion to trivia-based games that exclusively focus on the context of the host site running the VersusGame embedded product, MiniGames. It is exactly the relevancy and the highly contextual format that drives the massive increase in engagement, not only for the target environment, but also overall for the interactive format.

The core element is the treatment of probabilistic amplitude and the temporal offset of the given prediction question. The technology will be made available to partners via the VersusGame Creator Portal for an AI assisted curated content generation interface that will assist everyone, from influencers and celebrities to large corporate partners to generate AI supported games content from any source.

It is additionally able to adjust the parameters over time to account for the inherent probability drift that predictions rely upon. In development is also a next generation of VersusLM that accounts for behavioral patterns, the graph created by user interaction with any of the partners working with VersusGame, to generate not only highly contextual content but also highly customized to the partner network, and by extension, the individual end-user.

Partners include Microsoft, NFL, UsaToday, UFC, ABC, Lionsgate etc. where the new AI content format is integrated across the networks.

"VersusGame teamed up with Microsoft Rewards to create a powerhouse of interactive content, taking advantage of Bing Search while letting users generate Microsoft Rewards points in a new engaging way. We expect this format to find its way into other Microsoft products and services", said Alexi Tariah, Microsoft Rewards Product Manager, and added "while VersusGame can also take advantage of the Microsoft platform offerings like Azure and ChatGPT integrations to further augment their technology as they expand."

The AI constellation consists of several layers of neural networks working together to generate the various elements of the VersusLM capabilities. The system can interface with ChatGPT or Bart for additional considerations, but the long-term progressive or constellation mode is primarily targeting the continuous prediction modeling beyond the current static prediction style content used by partners today.

Some of the IP held by VersusGame is directly related to the ability to predict outcomes of future events, before they happen, generated by the aggregated model of the measured consumer accuracy history and the aggregated prediction of a given question and a composite score from multiple questions that combined will hold a strong probability score for a future outcome of an event. With the ability to generate the content, with both sampled image and video elements and a synthetic voice reading out the synopsis and the questions, VersusGame can quickly take the temperature of a prediction and based on the weighted feedback and honesty of people playing for prizes, get a very accurate and weighted consumer sentiment on the prediction of really any subject.

VersusGame is currently busy with rolling out the new technology and associated services across the many partners that make up the VersusGame Network producing content for the Versus Interactive Content Exchange (ICE). Keep up with the latest news about the capabilities of the VersusLM AI constellation on the VersusGame corporate website.

VersusGame is a global B2B entertainment company that allows users to put their knowledge of mainstream culture to good use. People naturally want to interact with the content they are consuming across our network of partners from apps, sites, tv shows, podcasts and online radio stations. VersusGame's proprietary AI takes content and makes it interactive, relevant, and engaging. For more information:

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Live game on Versus created by ABC's The Bachelorette
Live game on Versus created by ABC's The Bachelorette

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