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Veteran Internet marketer officially launches MetaMorph.Pro Cryptocurrency and Exchange ICO

An Australian internet marketer Daniel Lew had jumped onto the crypto craze and it wasn't before long that he noticed some very troublesome issues in the industry which led him onto developing his very own coin and exchange platform

QLD, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2018 / Daniel claims that when he first got involved in cryptocurrency the biggest gains he ever got were from investing into ICO's also known as Initial coin offerings. With these style of launches an investor can get in early before the product goes live to the public, during a pre-sale or main sale of an ICO one can purchase tokens usually at a tenth of the price once it reaches its hard cap and then goes onto an exchange, he claims the ROI is huge and had personally seen a return from upwards of 1000% on ICOs.

With Daniels prior experience in the software and marketing industry and managing teams it made sense that it was only a matter of time before he would combine his skills into launching something that would change the game in the Cryptocurrency space.

One very serious issue Daniel had found for himself was one day when he had sent his father almost 1000 Waves to his Waves wallet and didn't realize his father didn't keep a copy of his seed password anywhere and could not retrieve the funds without the seed words. That is when it hit Dan there had to be a better way to store or recover seed words and to have a more prominent backup facility to keep a wallet nice and secure.

Another issue was when Daniel at one point had so many coins he couldn't keep track of it all. He then started to draw up what he thought would be a much better and simpler way to view and manage his portfolio and then his vision became a whole lot deeper.

Also on a traditional cryptocurrency exchange if Daniel wanted to buy Monero and send it to another exchange to buy Ark coin for example he would have to sell out of his Monero first to Bitcoin then send over Bitcoin to another exchange make sure that exchange had the same trading pair for Ark and Bitcoin and then had to sell Bitcoin to buy Ark. Then when his dad and a few friends needed some help with this very same issue he ended up being on the phone most of the day explaining to them all how to buy and sell.

It was together with this problem and a variety of others that set off alarm bells for Daniel to launch his own newbie friendly all-in-one exchange, wallet and initial coin offering known as MetaMorph Pro (METM) token.

Fortunately, Daniel had kept a close relationship with his tight circle during the internet marketing days and it so happened that a few close friends were already heavily involved with cryptocurrency, programming smart contracts, experienced with blockchain etc.

It was then shortly after deciding this that he reached out to his good friends Tom Miller (Blockchain expert) who he had known for years and Soren Jorgensen (Crypto Advisor) and with the combined excitement and vision MetaMorp.pro was born.

"I am excited and happy for both Tom and Soren to be on board", Daniel Lew said. "I have known them both for so many years, and they have both equally been good friends to me. I've learned a lot from them during those good ol' internet marketing days. Now that we are all passionate about cryptocurrency, I felt that this partnership is going to take us to a whole new level. It’s a win-win situation for all of us."

Fellow Australian dev team, Angelo Lauro (financial manager) and Marwan Fikrat (developer) had also joined Daniel in his new project, whom had ironically met through Capoeira days together with Hamish Miller (marketing manager), and Peter Trainer (branding) who they had also worked together more than 20 years ago when the internet was just getting started and of course Daniel's father, Zelman Lew (creative director) who had been working with Daniel and contributed to some of his success over the years.

Last but not least there is Jeff Caceres oboard who is the Bounty Manager along with Yashir Inidal who is the Bounty Assistant, they are working hard to make sure MetaMorph pro is a success and rewards to early contributors who have the same vision as MetaMorph Pro project.

Jeff had worked as a customer relations manager in one of Daniel's past VA companies with more than 60 staff and Jeff was the head manager there. Dan later sold that company to spend more time being around for his new born son and to scale down to focus on his e-commerce stores, and later shifted to cryptocurrency. Dan and Jeff have been long time close friends for more than a decade.

"At first, I never had plans to launch an ICO ever.", Daniel Lew said. "I was just like everybody else who was trading and investing into cryptocurrencies. However, as I saw the true potential of launching an ICO that could solve real world issues and give people back their power it was like lightning had struck and I had then been awakened and fully aware of what I needed to do as my next move and purpose in life"

The project concept of MetaMorph Pro is that they are an all-in-one coin and app to manage, secure and exchange cryptocurrencies. It allows customers to exchange cryptocurrency to another type of cryptocurrency quickly and easily. Not just an exchange but rather a wallet and decentralized desktop and mobile app with plans to launch and integrate a debit card for real world use.

As of today, MetaMorph Pro has started their pre-sale at $0.30 per METM token. They would increase it between $0.70 to $1.00 per METM during the main crowdsale. They currently have their airdrop and bounty program ongoing, in which all participants will be receiving METM tokens just for participating.

"I strongly believe that MetaMorph Pro will be an absolute game changer in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. No doubt about it.", Daniel Lew said.

More details here: https://metamorph.pro

Contact Info:
Name: Daniel Lew
Organization: MetaMorph.pro

For more information, please visit https://metamorph.pro

SOURCE: MetaMorph.pro