ViaDerma, Inc. Targets Online Sales, Wound Care Centers and Distribution Companies for its Viabecline Product Launch, the First Viabecline Orders Set for Q2-2017, also Onychomycosis Clinical Studies Show Significant Results

Clinical Tests Show of ViaDerma's Anti Toe Fungal Product for Onychomycosis to have Efficacy Using the Company's Proprietary Medical Treatments, Company Pursues a New OTC product for the Market

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - February 03, 2017) - ViaDerma, Inc. (OTC PINK: VDRM), a specialty pharmaceutical company devoted to bringing new products to market, recently announced today that they are placing the first order from their product manufacturer for a rollout of its FDA registered drug, Viabecline topical antibiotic. The Company expects sales for 2017 to be about 500,000 units and has completed financing to produce the orders. The rollout in California is expected to start with approximately 10,000 units being distributed online through an online network of affiliates. The products are anticipated to sell for approximately $125 per 5ml bottle, with a wholesale price to be established for the Clinics & Wound Care Centers.

"I believe these orders will give us a significant increase in revenues for 2017. ViaDerma has had clinical success in a very short time frame," said CEO Dr. Christopher Otiko. "We are excited to see our research being so well received in so many countries. This opens the door for many new products using FDA approved drugs along with our 'proprietary transdermal delivery system.'"

"ViaDerma has also completed an initial clinical study of our proprietary medication for onychomycosis (toenail fungus), and the results were very encouraging with an approximate 80% success rate," said Dr. Otiko.

Onychomycosis affects approximately 5% of the worldwide population. One of the more popular medications on the market has a 17% success rate and can cost as much as $500 per 4ml bottle. Americans currently spend about $1.26 billion annually on oral and topical prescriptions for nail fungus, according to IMS Health, a health care information company. Industry analysts and executives estimate that more effective treatments could expand the market to as much as $3 billion annually.

"We are also in the clinical testing stages of an anti-aging topical solution, a topical pain medication, a topical for male-pattern baldness, and a topical designed to boost male libido. The market for our many products is very promising. We are enthusiastic about the results we have achieved to date in terms of the anecdotal feedback we have received from the medical community," said Dr. Otiko.

Viabecline is a topical liquid tetracycline-based antibiotic that uses a patent-pending innovative transdermal delivery system that can convert oral medication active ingredients into topical drugs. The drug is FDA-registered as a first aid antibiotic to help prevent skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, but importantly, has also shown to be effective in fighting more harmful forms of staphylococcus aureus infections, which are commonly known as 'staph infections.' Without the introduction of novel antibiotic treatments, infections can spread and sometimes become life threatening. Significant results have been achieved in just 10 days of treatment using ViaDerma's proprietary transdermal delivery system.

ViaDerma, Inc. (OTC PINK: VDRM) is a publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company committed to bringing new products to market and licensing its innovative technology to current leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. ViaDerma's lead product, Viabecline, uses an innovative transdermal delivery method that allows for application of active ingredients in a topical form. This patent-pending dual carrier transdermal technology may be applied in products within the medical and cosmetic markets. Also, a patent application using the combination of CBD's and THC with the delivery system was filed in 2014. The use of CBD's is for the reduction of inflammation and for the treatment of several diseases, such as, nicotine addiction, fibromyalgia, Cohn's disease, schizophrenia, migraine headaches, pain management for cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. For more information, please visit:

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