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Victor Goenka Founder of Ice Meditation Is Helping Entrepreneurs Perform With Meditation and Breathwork

Ice Meditation
·3 min read

Victor has invested his life studying human behavior and emotion. Today he is widely known worldwide for the work he does as a global meditation and breathwork coach for entrepreneurs.

Barcelona, Spain, April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Victor Goenka is a conscious entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and master of internal energy optimization.

Victor has invested his life studying human behavior and emotion. Today he is widely known worldwide for the work he does as a global meditation and breathwork coach for entrepreneurs.

Where his beliefs are rooted

Victor Goenka lives by the mantra “the cup is half full rather than half empty.”
This statement outlines how he lives and tackles his life. Victor is a big believer in ‘celebrating yourself,’ he learned this from his father at a very young age.

Victor’s father was a very successful entrepreneur; he had a lot of success in multiple projects. By observing his father and learning so much from him, Victor states that he never saw him go out of his way to talk about what he had or what he achieved.

Humility, Victor believes, has been a core characteristic that his father passed on to him. As a meditation and breathwork coach to entrepreneurs, victor teaches that humility comes from within. “They have to know how to celebrate their achievements on their own, therefore developing self-awareness”. Victor believes that to be humble is to live.

The exploration of humility with his clients teaches them that humility does not mean repressing their feelings; instead, it means that they recognize and celebrate their feat in the loving relationship they should have with themselves.

The journey leading up to who Victor Goenka is today, began before he was 8 years old. Having breathing problems, he was referred to a specialist who taught him some breathing techniques that would change his life forever. As he continued along his journey, a few years later, it led him to Mexico, where he learned about and experienced internal energy and the elements that can block the flow (inflammation due to stress).

A life dedicated to serving others

For Victor, being a meditation and breathwork coach for entrepreneurs means living his dream, a life dedicated to helping as many individuals from around the globe as he can to live happier and healthier lives.

When entrepreneurs increase their awareness and presence in their daily lives, they become more loving, understanding, and caring; not only to themselves but to the world around them.

Wrapping up

These days victor spends his time managing his internationally recognized coaching business IceMeditation which is now largely virtual. He helps diverse clientele from professionals who want to increase productivity and reduce stress to parents who want to raise mindful children.

Victor practices what he preaches and is also dedicated to setting aside time for reading and working on his future goals.

Victor Goenka has his mind set on greatness. He envisions professionals all over the world using his methodologies in their own line of work.

He’s constantly expanding the scope of his expertise by investing into studying human behavior and emotion and often publishes findings in the form of books, articles and speaking engagements.

For Victor, the art of surrender, trusting the process and the way we think is a result of how much attention and energy we put into a specific focal point. The less value we give, the less it matters, the more free we are as humans.

Media Contacts

Name: Victor Goenka
Company: Ice Meditation Inc
Email: Info@IceMeditation.Com
Website: IceMeditation.Com