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Victoria FAN from Optwise Consulting is helping Young Professionals Land their Dream Jobs

Under the leadership of Victoria Fan, Career Advisory Firm Optwise Consulting provides consultancy services to both job-seekers as well as organization, thus helping optimize America's workforce and promote sustainable employment.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 2, 2020 / There is no denying the fact that there is a substantial gap between the following in today's employment scenario - the relevance of the education system and the industry-standard skill-set requirements. While students toil hard to graduate through school and college, their skills are often not aligned to the professional requirements. Though they are undoubtedly talented, organizations find it hard to manage their talent and get the best out of them. This has somewhat created a situation where we are not being able to achieve the employment efficiency that we should have. Moreover, the existing economic scenario demands high-quality skill sets, if you are to succeed in the highly competitive corporate world.

Hence there has to be a bridge. Optwise Consulting is playing its part by bringing together students, job seekers, and employers under the same umbrella - thus positively impacting both the society as well as the economy.

What is Optwise Consulting?

Optwise Consulting is a career advisory firm based out of New York. It aims to promote sustainable employment throughout America, by training students and job-seekers, through its wide-spread network of employers and mentors. It prepares industry-specific professionals via relevant resources - which are not the same as those provided in schools and colleges. Moreover, Optwise Consulting has a multi-faceted approach that involves both employers and as well as job-seekers.

The force and mind behind Optwise Consulting - Victoria Fan

Optwise Consulting was founded by Victoria Fan. She is now leading the great team of full-time world-class career consultants with an aim to nurture America's best talents and streamline them into the country's workforce. With Optwise Consulting, Victoria is leveraging the experience of industry experts to benefit both job-seekers as well as employers.

Victoria Fan is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business. She started off her career as an executive recruiter in China. Since then she has worked in the employment space across the world - Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States, with various types of business. Apart from being an avid career advisor, Victoria is also well known as a life coach, helping young people realize their true potential. Over time, she has accentuated on helping the next generation to turn out as leaders, and optimize America's workforce.

Victoria currently lives in New York and provides services like career consultation, talent acquisition, talent management, networking workshops, etc. with the sole objective to help young professionals set foot on the right career path while assisting various organizations to enhance their human capital performance and productivity.

While working to achieve that goal with Optwise Consulting, Victoria is also actively involved with the Wharton Business Club, Global Hedge Fund, AABDC, and TCFA.

Optwise Consulting Services

Under the leadership of Victoria Fan, Optwise Consulting is providing the following services:

  • The firm provides one on one coaching to aspiring job-seekers looking to start their career, and also to those undergoing any sort of career transition. It helps them deal with the challenges involved in establishing themselves in any industry of their choice. To put it simply Optwise Consulting's coaching services are tailor-made to help young, dedicated professionals to achieve their goals.
  • Apart from honing young talents, Optwise Consulting also assists organizations in managing their workforce, by implementing scientifically proven methods related to office culture, employee roles and responsibilities, etc. - thus enabling them to increase productivity and make most of the talent pool available.
  • The firm provides hiring consultancy and assistance, to help companies and organizations bring the best and most relevant talent on board. It is more of a talent-hunt service, through which Optwise connects budding professionals with established organizations.
  • Strong and efficient networking is the secret sauce - whether you are searching for a job, or a business looking to scale itself. Optwise does that by hosting workshops and networking events - thus allowing businesses and job-seekers to connect with each other. This helps in narrowing the gap and creating a perfect scenario where young people can land their dream job, and employers can hire the perfect employee.
  • Lastly, Optwise offers a complete package for bright young talents looking to kickstart their careers. It helps in the holistic development of an individual, with an aim to make him corporate-ready. As a part of its career coaching service, Optwise helps in creating impactful resumes, teaches interview and negotiation skills, and provides corporate-friendly personality development skills.

Ending Note

To sum it up, Optwise Consulting is a multi-faceted platform that is aimed to promote sustainable employment. It provides services that are beneficial to budding professionals, working individuals looking to explore various career opportunities, as well as to organizations that are planning to optimize their workforce by increasing employee productivity.

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