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What Victoria's Secret Hunts For When Hiring Supermodels

Ashley Lutz

Booking the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is every model's dream. 

In addition to unprecedented exposure and perks, the job often leads to bigger and better things. 

But there are qualities even more important than good looks when Victoria's Secret hires its supermodels, reports Sapna Maheshwari at Bloomberg

Les Wexner, the head of Limited Brands, seeks out new models with great personalities, she reports. 

“The models chosen are very specifically ones that women can relate to or feel comfortable around and have personalities,”  said Marcie Merriman, director of brand strategy and planning for Victoria’s Secret from 2001 to 2003.

Merriman cites the examples of Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. Both models got their start at Victoria's Secret and went on to host television shows. 

Runway models' relationship with a brand is almost always over once they walk the show. But the Victoria's Secret models' personalities are also important during the hundreds of press interviews and events they host leading up to the show

Of course, the brand is also very picky about what its models look like. The Victoria's Secret casting director famously dissed Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton, saying she wasn't beautiful enough for the brand. 

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