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Victoria's Secret's Main Competitor Is Releasing an Ad That's Unlike Anything Ever Made


Lingerie company Adore Me is doing something different.

It’s going to be launching a television ad that will feature a curvy model — Aerie’s spokesmodel Iskra Lawrence — in the same commercial as Daniela Lopez, who has posed for Victoria’s Secret’s Pink brand.

It’s rare to see curvy models in the same commercials as straight-size models, let alone a model who is associated with Victoria’s Secret.

Adore Me knows that.

“The two models are in the same ad — which we’re really excited about because our goal is to promote inclusivity,” Adore Me CEO Morgan Hermand-Waiche said in a statement to Business Insider. “In the industry, these models would rarely be presented in one ad and we’re very proud to be including both.”


Plus-size models wearing nothing but lingerie aren’t entirely new to television, but they have often been met with controversy.

In 2010, a Lane Bryant commercial was prohibited from airing ABC during “Dancing with the Stars” or on Fox during “American Idol,” CBS News reported.

“It was a controversy [and] everybody thought, ‘Oh … this is terrible,’ but honestly, I thought it was great because it was giving us a platform to be able to talk about body image and acceptance. And media isn’t putting curvy women on … newsstands and on television,” curvy supermodel Ashley Graham told Business Insider last summer.

“That was the whole thing,” she said. “They were offended by my curves and lingerie.”

And this spring, major networks purportedly didn’t want to run another Lane Bryant ad, though NBC told Business Insider at the time that “as part of the normal advertising standards process, we reviewed a rough cut of the ad and asked for minor edits to comply with broadcast indecency guidelines. The ad was not rejected and we welcome the updated creative.”

It’s unclear if Adore Me will receive any backlash from major networks once the ad airs.


Adore Me has been vocal to its commitment to inclusivity.

“When people make those comments — 'oh, you know it’s more expensive to make these [sizes] … we need to forgo our margins …’ I never really understand [that],” she said, pointing to how companies then miss out on selling to a piece of the population, Adore Me’s vice president of business and brand development, Sharon Klapka, told Business Insider earlier this month.

That, in turn, translates to showing curvy models as well.

It’s not the only company to showcase a variety of body types. Aerie has also capitalized on featuring a bevy of body types (sans airbrushing) in its ad campaigns but has taken it a step further by showcasing women who are regular people, as opposed to models — a crucial move, considering that the old standard of a “supermodel” has been shifting dramatically in recent years.


Victoria’s Secret, on the other hand, frequently comes under fire for its unrealistic portrayal of women — and its frequent Photoshopping gaffes.

Still, Adore Me is a blip on Victoria’s Secret radar. In 2015, it pulled in $42.7 million, whereas Victoria’s Secret raked in nearly $7.7 billion in total sales. Adore Me also has been with met criticisms from consumers who have been unhappy with its subscription program and formal complaints from ad-watchdog firm Truth in Advertising.

Adore Me confirmed that the ad will appear on cable channels beginning mid-September.

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