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Video: What to buy in November

Lucas Wysocki

November is considered the first full month of the holiday season and retailers certainly take notice. Whether you're Christmas shopping or picking up something for yourself, there's a lot on sale in November.

Within the first few days of November you'll find all of the surplus Halloween goods on massive clearance. Pick-up some Halloween candy at a discount for the kid's lunch boxes and start looking for holiday recipes that incorporate your favorite treats. If your kids like to play dress-up, why not pick up an item or two from the leftover Halloween costumes. Retailers will have them from 40 to 50 percent off.

You can't mention sales in November without talking about Black Friday. Most people only dare to venture out if they are after a big-ticket item like a TV. November and December are the cheapest time of the year to buy TV's and other gadgets so if you can deal with the throngs of people, you can save serious cash.

For your trips to the grocery store: apples, squash, and sweet potatoes are all in season, and therefor at low prices. That's good news for those stuck with cooking for Thanksgiving, what's even better news is that Turkey is on sale. After Thanksgiving, the price for turkey will rise 20 to 30 cents per pound.

Finally, you might still find winter staples like gloves, scarves and warm pajamas at a discount. Even if the weather isn't that cold yet, think ahead and stock up before they become premium items.

For more of what's on sale and what no to buy in November, just visit Bankrate.com. I'm Lucas Wysocki.

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