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Video Conferencing Equipment Supplier, IVCi, Discuss Why Companies of All Sizes are Looking to Implement Huddle Rooms

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., May 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Collaboration is the heart of success in a business, so much so that businesses focus on creating an office atmosphere ideal for engaging employees with one another as well as between teams. The latest trend in office design, Huddle Rooms, are a haven made for collaboration. Companies big and small are installing and equipping Huddle Rooms into their workspaces, replacing large conference rooms with a handful of compact Huddle Rooms. Video conferencing equipment supplier, IVCi, has the expertise to discuss why companies of all sizes are looking to implement Huddle Rooms into their office space. Read why below.

  • Huddle Rooms are cost effective: Being that the space is inherently made to be compact, Huddle Rooms are a low-cost option for creating multi-use office spaces. A number of them can be built at once, fitted with compact furniture and quality AV equipment. No mahogany tables, giant cushioned, wheeled chairs, or projectors like those found in a traditional conference room. Instead of one collaborative room, you can build multiple Huddle Rooms at once, using office space more efficiently and providing employees with greater flexibility in collaborative space availability.
  • Provide a private professional space: Huddle Rooms may be built for collaboration, but they make great private spaces for serious business operations. Instead of holding interviews in a daunting conference room, the compact Huddle Room will feel more personal and comfortable for the interviewee. Holding virtual meetings with international team members or clients in Huddle Rooms will make them feel like they're a part of real-life meetings, increasing team cohesiveness or client trust. Huddle Rooms also provide a small concentration space for those seeking to escape from the daily distractions that come with an open office floor-plan.
  • Millennial and Gen Z friendly: Two hot topics for modern employers are keeping millennial workers on board and attracting Gen-Z new hires to the company. A Huddle Room appeals to both tech-savvy generations, both of which grew up around technology, social media, and the internet. The high-tech equipment in the Huddle Room is like second nature, where lecture or meeting recordings are welcomed by those used to being filmed or recorded by friends on social media outlets like Instagram and YouTube. Used to facetiming friends online, video conferencing feels comfortable and personal to millennials and Gen-Z alike, while their older coworkers may feel disconnected from the other side of the screen.
  • Multi-use High-tech outlet: While Huddle Rooms are usually equipped with quality AV equipment, there are trends pointing to what the Huddle Rooms of the future might look like. Advances in Virtual Reality (VR), video conferencing equipment, and lecture capture technology are all modern additions with the potential to transform the Huddle Room into an even more powerful business tool than before. Already a multi-use space, a Huddle Room fit with this tech makes the space even more versatile, working in the favor of your employees and their productivity.

Huddle Rooms are the future of office collaboration, and as communication technology advances, they will only become more significant office spaces, even if they begin to become even more compact.

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