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Video: The impact of Hurricane Sandy

Lucas Wysocki

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Although financial analysts expect the national financial impact of Hurricane Sandy to be minimal, many American's are dealing with the aftermath on a far more personal level. Pocketbook issues include having to repair damage caused by the storm, deal with insurance claims, missed work days and more.

"Financially, Hurricane Sandy has actually hit my pockets very hard, considering the fact that I depend on public transportation. I think the catastrophic nature of it with the pedestrians going back and forth has been a very dangerous situation."

"Well basically we have had no electric since the hurricane hit on Monday, and we still don't have any electric. So, we're staying at the Comfort Inn, so we have the additional hotel expenses and have every meal expense."

"Yeah we lost power for 4 days, we had a tree fall nearly on our house, but thankfully it just barely missed. A lot of people in town still don't have power. There are millions of people that still don't have power unfortunately and they're saying it's going to take more than a week still from today to even get the power back."

"It's a little rough. I had to drive into White Plains yesterday and I didn't make it there in time to catch a train. And I finally caught it this morning from Stanford but it was, like, 20 minutes late and it had to make a couple extra stops. So I still got to work late today. And I'm out early."

"Personally, I have a landscaping company, so it helped me out with the business-wise, doing clean-up and stuff. We didn't lose power or have any issues with the house."

"My basement was flooded so I have to get some of that replaced. My de-humidifier conked out I guess it was just so wet, and I lost some gutters. But there are so many other people that were affected really bad."

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Many Americans caught in the path of the storm realized too late that they were under-insured. To get help evaluating you insurance needs or to get a quote, just check out Bankrate.com.

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