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Video: Massive brawl halts playoff game in China's National Basketball League

Well, things seem to be going well in the China’s National Basketball League.

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During the third quarter of Game 2 in a quarterfinal round playoff series, players for the Guangxi Rhinos and Henan Shedianlaojiu engaged in a massive brawl that cut the game short. Fans and team officials also appeared to be involved in a melee that spilled off the court and near the bleachers:

Uncorroborated accounts of the brawl suggested it resulted from a hard foul on Isaiah Austin, the former NBA lottery talent who was made an honorary selection in the 2014 draft after being diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. Austin was cleared to play this past November and signed with Guangxi in July.

Among other NBA players listed on the rosters for Guangxi and Henan are former Boston Celtics second-round pick Marcus Thornton and ex-Sacramento Kings center Sim Bhullar, whose 7-foot-5, 360-pound frame came be seen trying to stop other players from throwing wild haymakers.

Photos from the fallout posted on Chinese social media channels are not pretty:

Members of the Guangxi Rhinos were photographed following the melee.
A player for the Henan Shedianlaojiu is treated after a National Basketball League brawl.

Both teams could reportedly be disqualified from the playoffs, and suspensions for players and team officials involved in the melee are expected to range from eight games to three years.

The NBL is not to be confused with the more competitive Chinese Basketball Association, where ex-NBA player Jason Maxiell once chased an opponent down the court after a cheap foul in 2016.

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