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Video Premiere: Baskery Debuts 'Cheerless Leaders'

Baskery is a Swedish sibling trio composed of sisters Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson. The band formed in 2007, and has been taking America by storm since relocating to the States in 2014. Utilizing a sound they describe variously as “banjo-punk, mud-country, Nordicana, kill-billy,” the sisters have put out four albums and are working on an as-yet-untitled upcoming EP.

Yahoo Music is pleased to debut the video for the latest single from the EP, “Cheerless Leaders.” In it, the band aims to highlight female strength, as well as encourage women who are discriminated against to keep their chins up and use the power of being united. The women from Swedish football team Arlanda Jets appear in the video to help visualize these points.

When asked about the track, the girls said, “Sometimes we feel like cheerless leaders, but when things go our way, we feel we have a kick ass female football team covering our backs, clearing our path.”

“Cheerless Leaders” will be available 5/19. To keep up with Baskery’s schedule, check here.