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Video Reveals Odd, Confidential ‘Don’t-Leak’ Logo On Samsung Galaxy S8’s Back

Hasan Tariq

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung will introduce its much-awaited latest smartphone Galaxy S8 on March 29. As usual, the internet is flooded with rumors containing leaks and what not the flagship device of the Korean giant will be possessing. The information out there has become quite copious and maybe somewhat redundant. But it is important to filter out the most notable details regarding the Galaxy S8.

On watching the video posted on Slashleaks by a Weibo user, it becomes notable that the upcoming smartphone looks a lot like the S7, only with the screen curved from both its sides. A supposed press image published by Evan Blass on Twitter also confirmed the design. What this implies then is that Samsung has decided to reconcile the distinctions between Galaxy and Galaxy Edge previously incorporated in the Galaxy 7 models. Of course, that does not mean that the phone will only come out under a single model. Two models will be released, both available in different screen sizes.

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