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VIDEO: Royal Financial Inc. CEO Leonard Szwajkowski Featured in OTCQX Video Series

NEW YORK, March 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Royal Financial Inc. (RYFL) CEO Leonard Szwajkowski was interviewed by OTC Markets Group (OTCM) in its prominent OTCQX® Video Series. The series features interviews with senior executives of OTCQX companies as they showcase their businesses and investment profiles.

In late 2018, OTC Markets Group hosted a community bank roundtable, where industry executives from across the country gathered to discuss the role of the community banks in today's U.S. economy. Royal Financial Inc. CEO Leonard Szwajkowski was among the CEOs of four leading community banks trading on the OTCQX Market who joined representatives from OTC Markets Group and American Banker to discuss growth opportunities, industry challenges, access to capital, the importance of technology in their business, how to best serve the communities in which they operate, and how public policy and regulation are impacting the future of consumer and small business banking in America.

To watch the complete interview, visit OTC Markets Group's YouTube page at:

About Royal Financial, Inc.

Royal Savings Bank is a federally-insured financial institution that offers a range of checking and savings products and a full line of home and commercial lending solutions.  Royal Savings Bank has been operating continuously since 1887, and currently has nine branches in Chicagoland and lending centers in Homewood and St. Charles, Illinois. Visit Royal Financial, Inc. and Royal Savings Bank at: www.royalbankweb.com.

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