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The View's Jedediah Bila Is Engaged

Christopher Luu

The View 's Jedediah Bila threw out a very personal hot topic during Monday's episode. Entertainment Weekly reports that the co-host got engaged to her now-fiancé Jeremy Scher over the weekend.

Naturally, she shared the entire story on the air today, noting that she had an inkling when her boyfriend's behavior started getting a little odd.

"Can anyone in the audience see anything different about me?" the co-host asked, before doing that thing that happens during movie brunches: She flashed her rock. "He surprised me, took me to a bed and breakfast."

A thunderous roar of applause swept the audience and Bila's co-hosts were smiling just as widely as the bride-to-be. Bila shared the moment on her Instagram feed, as well, showing the exact moment when Scher got down on one knee. Who snapped the pic, though? It seems pretty serendipitous to have a camera at the ready, though in today's age of social media sharing, it wouldn't completely out of the question to think that Scher enlisted someone to be at the ready.

Bila explained that she knew something was happening. After the in-studio audience calmed down, she said that Scher is always running behind. However, that morning he was up and ready — clothed and everything — an hour early. In this case, at least, punctuality definitely paid off.

"The only sign that something was up, is that he's always late to get ready [...] He was fully dressed an hour early," she said on the show. "It was wonderful."

The timing was certainly on-point. E! News reports that on Friday's episode, Bila's co-host Sunny Hostin said "You should get married already! " After Bila's announcement today, Hostin was positively beaming — "I'm no Nostradamus, but people at this table need to start listening to me!" she said.

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