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Vin Scully on a World Series comeback: 'I honestly don’t feel I belong'

Vin Scully, like anyone with ties to the Los Angeles Dodgers, was over the moon Thursday night when they clinched the NL pennant and their first World Series appearance since 1988. But don’t expect Scully, baseball’s most famous voice, to return to the mic in any way for the World Series.

The 89-year Scully, who retired in 2016 after 67 years on the job, told the L.A. Daily News that he “doesn’t belong” in the booth for the World Series. He told reporter Tom Hoffarth in an e-mail:

“I honestly don’t feel I belong there and I would not want anyone to think I was eager for a spotlight.”

There are already petitions and calls from fans from Scully to return, but it seems quite clear that he’s not trying to thrust himself back into the job he held for so long. Scully has appeared at a few Dodgers games as a fan — including in the postseason — but he tries to even avoid crossing the line with that.

He certainly celebrated the Dodgers win, as shown in this picture tweeted by his daughter, Cat:

If you’re still not convinced Scully isn’t coming back for the World Series, the Dodgers have already tried to put the chatter to bed. Lon Rosen, the team’s vice president and chief marketing officer, told TMZ Sports:

“Neither Vin Scully nor Sandy Koufax will be returning to action for the World Series. They will be enjoying the Dodgers like all the rest of our great fans.”

Sounds like the best thing L.A. fans can hope for is Vin showing up at Dodger Stadium for Game 1 or Game 2.

Vin Scully, seen here in May, says he’ll only return to Dodger Stadium as a fan for the World Series. (AP)

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