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Vintage Oldsmobile Brochures Are the Classiest Way to Sell Cars

The Bold Ride Team

Back before online debuts and live reveals, the best way to get the word out on a new car was a glossy brochure. Deep within the BoldRide archives, we found a vintage Oldsmobile brochure that conjures up the best of a bygone era in automotive promotions. Look at those cowboys! Look at those cows! I’m getting Halloween costume ideas just looking at it! Read on to see the rest of this amazing collection of images

Caption that accompanied lead image: You’ve earned your rewards and deserve them. It’s good to know your Toronado is one of the world’s most beautifully designed and engineered cars–with the drive and handling of front-wheel drive plus significantly improved gas mileage. ….(riveting stuff, right?)

Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser:

Vista Cruiser

Caption: Your group is young, growing, enthusiastic. It’s good to know your Vista Crusier has the toughness to take the blows a young karate class can dish out­– plus the looks, ride and comfort for those special occasions.

 Oldsmobile Starfire:

Starfire 2

Who could forget the heart-pounding performance of the Starfire, the “sporty little two-seater from Oldsmobile.” The Wikipedia page claims this car bears a resemblance to a Ferrari 365 GTC/4. That makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon:

Cutlass Saloon

Look at that happy couple. They have just returned from a fabulous cruise. They are returning to an even more fabulous Cutlass, parked in a rubble heap behind the port authority. It’s the image of luxury!

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme:

Cutlass Supreme

Caption: Our “little limousine” has always let you express yourself tastefully. Now, even more so–now with reversible seat cushions that let you redecorate the elegant interior as quickly as you can change your mood.

Oldsmobile Delta 88:

Delta 88

Yeah, you’d probably know a thing or two about realty as well, if your car was the size of a house!