Virginia Nonprofit Funds Transportation & Medication-Assisted Treatment for Patients Taking Part in Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs

Partnership increases ease of access to West Virginia medication-assisted treatment centers

West Virginia, Jan. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), West Virginia is the state that has the highest opioid-involved overdose death rate in the United States, with 42.4 opioid-involved overdose deaths per 100,000 persons.

To help combat opioids’ deathly grip, the Albertus Project is partnering with West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers (CTCs), which includes seven comprehensive treatment centers and opioid use disorder programs in West Virginia. The Albertus Project will fund a patient’s initial transportation to one of the treatment centers to obtain therapy and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Additionally, the Albertus Project will provide funding for those who cannot afford medication-assisted treatment. Doing so will ensure equal access to treatment for those who may not be able to afford it.

“This partnership with the Albertus Project helps answer a need that is specific to rural West Virginia. Getting patients in the door is often the hardest part, as they may not have adequate or reliable transportation,” said Erin McCarthy, Regional Vice President – South for Acadia Healthcare’s CTC Division. “The sooner a patient comes to one of our treatment centers, the more likely they are to achieve successful recovery from opioid addiction. As we are racing to save lives, every day counts on the road to recovery.”

With a mission to destigmatize addiction, educate the public, and support those who are struggling with addiction or are in active recovery, the Albertus Project understands the importance of this lifesaving treatment.

“Access to treatment is limited, especially in rural areas of West Virginia. Our organization is proud to be partnering with West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers. We hope that by helping a person get MAT, a life of a brother, a sister, a son or daughter, or a best friend will be saved,” said Alex Colyer, Founder of the Albertus Project.

Medication-assisted treatment has proved to save lives by decreasing opioid use, opioid-related overdose deaths, criminal activity, and the transmission of infectious diseases. The Albertus Project and West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers look forward to their continued partnership in supporting those in the addiction community by providing easier access to evidence-based treatment.

About West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers

West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers provide patients with multiple therapeutic interventions to complement the use of prescription medications in treating opioid use disorder. Our dedicated counselors, physicians, and nurses ensure that each patient is given the tools they need to learn how to manage both the emotional and behavioral aspects of addiction so that they can be successful in their recovery.

About Acadia Healthcare’s Comprehensive Treatment Center Division

Acadia Healthcare’s Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) Division is the nation’s leading provider of medication-assisted treatment for individuals who are struggling with opioid addiction. With more than 130 clinics spread across 34 states, the CTC Division treats 64,000-plus patients each day. Operating with the maximum level of accreditation across all facilities, the clinics within the CTC Division meet the ever-increasing need for easily accessible opioid addiction treatment.

About the Albertus Project

The Albertus Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Manassas, VA with a mission to redefine the world’s perspective on addiction, empower those suffering, educate the public, and destigmatize addiction. The Albertus Project offers harm reduction services, funding for many who cannot afford their medication-assisted treatment, and transportation to their doctors or clinics. The Albertus Project also has a podcast, Tapping into the Human, which offers powerful stories about people’s journey to recovery, and highlights the inspiring individuals and organizations that are leading the charge in decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. For more information about the Albertus Project and how you can support please visit:

CONTACT: Erin McCarthy, Regional Vice President Acadia Healthcare Comprehensive Treatment Center Division Alex Colyer, President, Founder, and Director of the Board The Albertus Project