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Virginia's Scott Taylor Ends Senate Race; Remaining Candidate Victor Williams Questions Mark Warner's Fitness to Serve in Senate, on the Intelligence Committee, or with the Gang of Eight

ARLINGTON, Va., Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Victor Williams, an insurgent Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, today questioned the fitness of incumbent Sen. Mark Warner to represent Virginia in the Senate. 

Professor Williams  condemned Democrat leaders for allowing Warner to continue to serve as the ranking member on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The committee post gives him a place on the "Gang of Eight" where he is allowed access to the most sensitive of national security information.

Williams' full statement is below:

"First, I would like to acknowledge that Scott Taylor, a competitor for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, has ended his campaign this week

I began my campaign on July 4th of last year by inviting others to join the race early.  Taylor jumped into the contest just four days later.

I wish Scott Taylor well as he now seeks to regain his former U.S. House seat to represent the Virginia Beach area. Just as with defeating Mark Warner, Republicans must unify after the primary to defeat impeachment-obsessed Elaine Luria in November.           

As the field clears for the Republican nomination for the Senate and as national security manifests itself as a paramount issue, I today question Warner's fitness and trustworthiness to serve on the on the security-sensitive Intelligence Committee and with the Gang of Eight. 

Warner should resign the posts, or have the assignment stripped from him by Democrat Senate leadership.

Warner has forfeited the public trust by his prevarications and perpetuations of the "Russia Collusion hoax." 

Indeed, Mark Warner as caught having extensive contacts with a Russian oligarch's lobbyist in 2017. Unearthed texts indicate that Warner was attempting to further gin-up the Russian-Collusion hoax by soliciting the help of infamous foreign-agent Christopher Steel (author of the fictional, Democrat-funded, fake dossier).

And Warner has betrayed Virginia values and Virginia voters. 

Warner joined with AOC+3 's insane hard-left lurch as his party threatens to:

*Legalize and Encourage Late Term Abortions (including post-birth infanticide);

*Kill Economic Growth and Fiscal Stability (with increased taxes and regulations bankrupting Virginia's coal industry);

*Throw Open the Southern Border (to allow a massive flow –invasion -- of aliens who will then be given free health care and other largess);

*Eliminate Medicare (insuring "Medicare for None" with socialist schemes raising taxes on American workers and making private-employer insurance illegal)."

Williams' statement continued:

"Virginians remember that Mark Warner has never adequately explained his own 2014 Phil Puckett scandal The shame of offering to trade a federal judgeship in a quid pro quo for a local politician's partisan cooperation?  "Puckettgate" remains a viable issue in 2020.    

Warner's weak and conflicting responses to the 2019 Northam/Fairfax scandals are best described as "Pucketgate II" as Warner again chooses corrupt politicians over Virginia's interests.

Sen. Warner actually said that Ralph Northam had a "right" to keep his high office if the Governor could manage to talk his way out of the racist scandal. 

16 years of Warner is enough.  Virginia deserves much better."

Pro-Trump Law Professor Williams, who had been a leading academic critic of the fraudulent House impeachment as being an unconstitutional attainder, predicted that Donald Trump will win Virginia in the presidential contest.

And, Williams praised his other competitors who remain in the primary contest. 

As Williams when announcing his campaign in 2019, he again called for others to join the contest prior to the March filing deadline.  Williams particularly encouraged non-politician, self-funders to jump in the GOP contest, stating:

"Wouldn't it be great if pro-Trump entrepreneur Peter Thiel, or if  Ivanka Trump, or Donald Trump, Jr. relocated to the Commonwealth to run for the Senate." 

Contact Williams: 571-309-8249.

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Victor Williams


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