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Virgo daily horoscope

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Wednesday 18, September

Saturn goes direct today after an intense five-month retrograde. This means that your creative projects and romantic prospects take on a new depth between now and next year. Any course-correction you've done since the spring should soon bear fruit, Virgo - just keep working at it diligently, the way you do best.

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Tuesday 17, September

Today's Taurus Moon is exactly what the cosmos ordered for you, Virgo. This is your sister earth sign so you're all about getting super grounded at the moment. But the best part is that the Moon will move through your house of adventure for the next few days, so you'll want to expand even as you're settling down into a more secure vibe.

Monday 16, September

The Moon is in your transformation zone for one more day, Virgo. You have to switch gears into Monday motivation, yet you're still very much locked in a deep place inside your own psyche. Before engaging in work or mundane issues, spend at least a few minutes meditating to clear your head.

Sunday 15, September

You're coming out of a recent funk, Virgo. Now that the Moon is no longer fighting (opposing) your stars, you can get back to your desired tempo and achieve critical mass. Use this energy to blaze through any and all obstacles standing between you and your greatness. You know what you want, it's just a matter of timing.

Saturday 14, September

The stars are starting to shift out of your stars, which probably comes as something of a relief after working yourself to the bone for the past several weeks, Virgo. This is your opportunity to cool that frantic pace and move into peace, equilibrium and grounding. Your focus shifts to money and security.

Friday 13, September

The Moon is lighting up your opposite stars and is almost full, Virgo. If life on the interior feels messy and irrational, blame it on the lunation. It's okay to feel everything without having answers, reasons or even an understanding of what is coming up and why. Just flow with it darling - tomorrow you'll understand it all far better.

Thursday 12, September

The Moon is almost full and she moves in to light up your opposite constellation. Your energies are likely feeling funky and all over the place. Chaos is not your happy place and yet sometimes a little mess and emotion is just what the doctor ordered to get you back in touch.

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