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This virtual tour of Jerry Seinfeld’s computer is the ultimate throwback

Yoni Heisler

Even though Jerry Seinfeld appeared in a few forgettable Microsoft ads with Bill Gates, it's never been any secret that the famed comedian is an Apple guy through and through. In fact, one piece of trivia that hardcore Seinfeld fans likely already know is that a Mac can be seen in nearly every episode of the show, more often than not in Jerry's apartment on his desk.

With that in mind, some gentle genius decided to put together a virtual tour of Jerry's Mac, which was typically a Mac SE/30 model. In later years, Jerry was prone to using a PowerBook Duo and Apple's ill-fated 20th Anniversary Mac. All that said, if you hop on over to Extremelygoodshit and click on the "View Issue Two" link in the middle of the page, you'll be magically transported to the screen of Jerry's Mac, running System 7 and all.

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Pictured below is what the homescreen looks like. Clearly, whoever put this together did their homework as they expertly captured every last detail of what System 7 on the Mac looked like back in the early to mid 90s.

seinfeld homescreen mac
seinfeld homescreen mac

Even better, every icon on the screen is clickable and has its own sequence of jokes lurking beneath the surface. For instance, if you double click on the trash icon, you're presented with this view. And if you yourself have had enough of Trump et. al, you can go ahead and empty the trash.

seinfeld trash virtual tour
seinfeld trash virtual tour

Curious about what type of files are lurking within Seinfeld's 'Documents' folder? Well, there you can take a look at some of his jokes in progress, his grocery list, and even a comical concept draft for Bee Movie. Again, everything is clickable so make sure to explore every document fully. You shan't be disappointed.

seinfeld documents
seinfeld documents

We don't want to spoil it all, but we have to mention that every single folder and file is worth opening up and exploring fully, even Seinfeld's presumably boring Tax Forms folder. There are quite a few Easter Eggs that are hilariously done and well worth checking out. Without question, this virtual tour of Seinfeld's ancient Mac is the best thing you'll see on the web today.

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